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Mixed messages 2011 Animation: 3D, sequeilitis, mo-cap debate, etc.

January 29, 2012

Here is a quote from an article blog-byte I just read … “Then again, it was more about technology than storytelling in 2011″. It took him & others all these years to realize that :? ??   Well, maybe I should not complain and at least some are seeing The Light.  Of course, myself and the keenly aware niche followers of the FX & Animation biz, have had similar & like-minded observations, in that WE ALREADY KNEW THAT!  As I have tiraded many times for some years  … today’s special effects & animation mainstream biz is pre-occupied with their technological tools & toys . IMO, that has been their obsessive compulsive quest ever since Jurassic Park.  More & more, empty visual eye candy calories …. audiences get bored FAST with only temporary eye orgy feasts … nature of general addictive behavior and the Movie Biz is contributing to the creation of hordes, of young A.D.D. audiences :( .  That is my ‘gut sense’ & observation.

The author did mention an animated movie, I do not even remember hearing about … Rango (2011), all CGI, which was released last year March 11. It is the usual typical anthropomorphizing of ‘animals/creatures’ as talking animated characters, and even though I am NOT of the ‘One World CGI Domination Order’ :o (I am not against cgi but want more alternative animated style choices) … Rango seems more unique as a CGI product (compared to others) … maybe more original/fresh, & positively different than the Pixar style and all the other copy-cat imitators trying to be like Pixar. Rango having a more gritty surreal look & style to it.

Below, you can read the news-byte blog commentary. Just remember people, the author is basing his comments about mainstream animation and in addition, using box office mainstream statistics as part of his research.  How many times do you hear me state … DO NOT judge the popularity or what’s hot by what mainstream does. The Biz landscape is different now or evolving. More people have alternate viewing choices and  more niche audiences being critically selective and looking for more alternate choices such as from independent productions via alternative distribution outlets.

What Went Wrong with Animation in 2011?

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3 Responses to “Mixed messages 2011 Animation: 3D, sequeilitis, mo-cap debate, etc.”

  1. U_Ani says:

    In mainstream industry film sadly is a spoiled entertainment format. CGI is just too risk proof to be used more selectively there instead of 100%. It’s not just the suits, it’s also audience expectations. Just because somebody in a stop motion website says that popular measuring sticks aren’t useful it doesn’t mean that general audiences will ditch them just like that. I say give them variety and only then they will really start to tip over to the alternate ways. Give them something that isn’t lazy.

  2. Ron Cole says:

    I really can’t comment on the films of 2011 because I wasn’t interested enough to see any of them. The last major film I paid money to see in a theater was ‘Coraline’ and that came out in 2009. (and NO I don’t own a big screen TV because what Hollywood is churning out isn’t worth watching at home either)

  3. Dave Hettmer says:

    It’s all about greenlighting crap. There are many reasons crap gets made, and the author touched on one of them:

    “The really good news is that there are only two high-profile sequels” for 2012.

    That really is good news.

    Rango was a good film – gritty, like you said. The article you linked to shows it cost $135M and made $123M. I’m guessing the main reason it was green lighted was because of Depp attachment. I think they could have gotten away with less bling on the environmental CG. Cut Depp’s salary to something reasonable and spend less on CG bling and the film probably would have broken even.

    If history tells us anything, the suits will see that minor loss on Rango as condemning the story rather than the excesses of expenditures. :-(

    Cars 2 was lame. 90 minutes of that annoying cable guy character. The main characters from the first movie did nothing meaningful. It also missed breaking even, but that won’t stop the suits from funding another big budget film with a grating main storyline.

    The flops flopped because the stories were completely uninspiring and didn’t interest anyone even from the trailers.

    You and I need to figure out how to overthrow Hollywood and wrest control from the loonies currently in charge. Budgets would be better, stories and overall quality would be better, and audiences would be better entertained. 8-)


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