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SMW Special Effects Notes: Spectral Motion’s ‘Lady in the Water’ (2006) & ADI’s – ‘The Thing’ (2011)

December 19, 2011

New feature …. periodic specific posts about other areas of Special Visual Effects. We are all ‘family’ … practical effects, make-up effects, model-making effects, animatronics, stop motion animation … any special effects techniques in which the IMAGES are originally photographed as real handmade tactile created (can be digitally tweaked in post). Hopefully, I will not cover the CGI synthesized effects which IMO, has ad nauseum inundated & saturated the worldwide mainstream consciousness … yawn … predictable, repetitive, formulaic CGI. If I do mention CGI, it would likely be commentary tirades :D . In the past, I have done very random posts on other special effects methods (example) but not as regular SMW News spotlight features.

Spectral Motion behind the scenes showing showing an animatronic fantasy styled Wolf with grass-like fur, for movie some years ago called, ‘Lady in the Water‘ 2006. Never heard of this movie or maybe not enough empty CGI visual eye candy calories to satisfy the A.D.D. general mainstream audiences? ;) Spectral Motion’s behind the scenes are at facebook & cannot be embedded into an external website, so instead, click The Making of the Scrunt or on the image below and it will take you to Spectral Motion’s Facebook Fan page. I think you can watch it and you do not have to signup or be member of facebook …


Below is Amalgamated Dynamics Inc aka ADI effects work behind scenes for the recent ‘The Thing‘ (2011) prequel …

Kind of COOL seeing the above? It sure is refreshing seeing this compared to the behind the scenes of mouse-clicked/keyboarded CGI! If the above video clip does not download, you can also watch here ‘The Thing’ behind the scenes at Youtube (better quality)

Always will repeat this because ‘Tinsel Town & Suits’ do NOT want to listen …. using combination special effects methods, mixing old with new technology gives plenty of competition to the plethora of CGI. Still though in my opinion, alternative special visual effects has not been extensively exploited yet in mainstream but hopefully a renaissance in independent features & other visual media work, as optional choices for niche audiences, instead of the same old churned out, mundane CGI effects stuff. Also in commercial advertisement work, Ad Agencies seem more open in exploring other different visual aesthetics & styles which can encompass ol’ school effects mixed with new. I do not want to hear that it is more expensive to do Special effects via traditional, classic & ol’ school methods. That is a wheel barrow load of Bovine Crap! It is OBSCENE, today’s production budgets for these mainstream CGI special effects ladened flicks. Computers & technology supposedly reduces costs? …. NOT (I say).

LINKS: Spectral Motion websiteAmalgamated Dynamics IncLady in the Water (2006) reviewsThe Thing (2011) reviewsFirst Showing website: Cool Stuff


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4 Responses to “SMW Special Effects Notes: Spectral Motion’s ‘Lady in the Water’ (2006) & ADI’s – ‘The Thing’ (2011)”

  1. U_Ani says:

    Those Thing prequel effects look disturbing.

    Besides, most of the critique regarding traditional puppets and miniatures comes from the rubbery examples of a latex puppet wobbling around unconvincingly. But a simple time-lapse editing technique, when combined with skillful mime from the puppeteer, can result to outstanding character performance that blows the best CGI out of the water. At the SMA boards I was just reminded about the brilliance that is Audrey II from the Little Shop Of Horrors remake. Rubbery my *bleep*. It helps to combine different techniques and here’s where it’s proven correct. Creature Technology is another good example of new age craftsmanship.
    Seriously, the potential in live action cinema is there, all it takes is to define it which some attempt. But here I’m being Captain Obvious again. ;)

    *frets about still not having gotten much done puppet wise*

  2. Larry Arpin says:

    Really cool stuff! Always enjoy SMW news.

  3. Brett McCoy says:

    Quite familiar with ‘The Lady in the Water’… for a music scoring course I took earlier this year we had to write a bit of music to one of the deleted scenes from this movie. Great video on the special effects!

  4. Ron Cole says:

    Holy Crap, this is AWESOME NEWS!!!!!!! This is the second time this week that I’m seeing a MAJOR move back to traditionally created creature effects and I’m totally blown away at the quality! (my first shock was finding out that the ORKIN ads are real puppet FX!)

    Is is cost? Is it the need to see real stuff on the set and on the screen? I suspect it’s both and I’m almost brought to tears about this turn back towards real art! I had almost forgotten what it felt like to be amazed an happy with what I see coming out of Hollyweird.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention… it may not be stop motion news but, it’s a VERY related business and fans of one are virtually always fans of both. :) :) :)


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