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From Uruguay: ‘Selkirk, the Real Robinson Crusoe’ (2012) – Stop Motion feature

November 24, 2011

This has been making the news rounds at other online venues such as Facebook and perhaps, unknown to the general American movie goers/audiences, because USA is maybe ‘Me’ Ego-Centric? If news does not happen here in America, it does not exist? ;) This is an all puppet Stop Motion Feature being made in the country of Uruguay (South America). Its titled, ‘Selkirk, el verdadero Robinson Crusoe‘ and in English, ‘Selkirk, the real Robinson Crusoe‘. As far as I know, it is an all Spanish language feature. I am not sure if later, there will be translated or subtitled versions, or which countries this will be distributed to (Dvd, satellite TV, video on demand, etc.?) Here is some information from the movie website ….

“Selkirk, the real Robinson Crusoe” is the debut feature by Walter Tournier. In 2001 he embarked with producer Stephen Schroeder in the project of making a film with Stop Motion technique. Through a co-production between companies in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, they joined the complex production of the film. Filming was done entirely in Uruguay during the months of May 2010-August 2011 and full completion of the film is scheduled for December 2011.”

Take a look at the trailer ….

At one of the Facebook discussion groups, I was slightly irritated when a few were making some small criticisms of the above trailer and a few said, there was supposedly too much motion blur? What the F—? :x You are being so anal retentive and this is something the general audiences would likely, never notice! That is the problem with these High Technology toys & people’s addiction to them. With regards to movies, people can endlessly re-watch it over & over frame-by-frame and critically tear it apart! To the naysayers “Au contraire”! I thought the Selkirk trailer was outstanding and executed with high production values giving it a professional and finessed aesthetics & ambiance quality. Just a reminder to any critics, this Selkirk animated feature is probably being done with a very small budget compared to the mega-millions productions spent to produce the Coralines, Corpse Brides, Aardmans stuff, etc, but yet, IMO, the quality look & feel of Selkirk is comparable to the Big Money produced animations.

Here is a behind the scenes …. they probably have a lean & mean small crew of dedicated passionate very creative & resourceful artists, animators, craftspeople, technicians, and I am guessing that each one of them are multi-skilled eclectic (having variety of skills & talents) ….

LINKS:  Selkirk production websiteSelkirk facebook fan page - Related: Whatever happen to Hoffmaniada & O Apostolos?

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9 Responses to “From Uruguay: ‘Selkirk, the Real Robinson Crusoe’ (2012) – Stop Motion feature”

  1. Martin says:

    I have just seen an exhibition of the sets in Montevideo at the ANTEL Tower. They are suberb works of Art.

  2. Alejandro Smithson says:

    The film is distributed by Disney so of course it will reach the northern hemisphere.

  3. prammaven says:

    This looks like a good one. Some of the best stop motion is being made in Spain, Mexico, and Brazil and sadly there is the language barrier and lack of promotion in the U.S. We can’t even get the clay they use over there (Jovi, Faber Castell, etc) because it’s difficult and costly to import. Vicenta won all kinds of awards and it was the Puppetsandclay site that made me aware of it. Great film. Great culture. Let’s all learn Spanish so we can understand each other and close the widening communication gap in the stop motion community!

  4. U_Ani says:

    Yes, that looks impressive.

  5. sasquatch says:

    Fabuloso! I want to see it.

  6. StopmoNick says:

    Looks like another South American feature may be finished – one of the animators on Worms, made in Brazil, has footage posted in his showreel in the Looking For Work section at SMA. It’s an English version.
    So there must be a bunch of first rate stopmo animators down there.

  7. downeyj says:

    Enjoyed it a lot. I for one, did not find the motion blur excessive, … liked it just the way it is. Interesting to see in the “behind the scenes” video that at least one of the puppets is built-up and not cast (wasn’t expecting that). Considering the lower budget, I also did not expect to see that some of the puppets are adjustable via allen-wrench keys. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
    … jbd

  8. Ron Cole says:

    That….. looks…… AWESOME!!! I don’t speak Spanish but, I’d watch the whole film without any translation anyway, you don’t really need any dialog to figure out what’s going on.

    Somebody on Facebook was saying there was too much motion blur? (you’re reminding me of why I don’t go to Facebook much anymore) I mean, I could see the motion blur and all but IT’S A CARTOON! Hello? In a cartoon, you can do whatever you flipping want, that’s called STYLE and I LIKE IT! :)

  9. StopmoNick says:

    Looks fantastic to me – I’ll look out for it on DVD, even if it’s only in Spanish – but I really hope there will be a subtitled edition. Thanks for spotlighting this LIO!


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