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‘Dinosaurs, Dragons, & Drama: Odyssey of a Trick Filmmaker’ by Jim Danforth

November 11, 2011

Among the hardcore Dynamationists-Harryhauseners, a long awaited book memoir/autobiography from Special Effects Artist Jim Danforth who maybe was somewhat in the shadow of  Ray Harryhausen. As in the classic movie, ‘On the Waterfront (1954)’ ...”Jim could have been a contender!” and he certainly was within the niche of special effects artists & fans that have followed him but some in the mainstream movie business (aka ‘Hollywood’) perhaps not as appreciative of Jim Danforth due to behind the scenes politics & artistic creative matters that is often involved in a project/production. As the title also says …. Drama!

Well, I am sure as hell glad that Jim Danforth’s book has finally been published. For a number of years, always hearing rumor & buzz that it was in progress and everyone just waiting & waiting. I thought, I would be ‘pushing up daisies’ and never see this happen! So that you know, this is not a traditional actual hard copy book but instead, available as an e-book in a PDF format on a CD which is compatible with MAC or PC computers. I kind of wished though, that it was an actual book with real pages that I can feel & touch. You know, where one can actually sit back in a broken-in, well worn favorite leather covered, heavy cushioned chair, located within my library of all knowledge source, whilst puffing the pipe of wisdom & sipping my favorite java brew :) , as I slowly flip through the pages … but hey ….I know book publishing business is a costly undertaking and we at least get a hi-tech e-book version!

The technical description about Jim Danforth’s e-book says it is equivalent to over 820 pages of text and is said to be heavily illustrated :P . Whoaaa, that sure would be hefty sized thick, similar to a hard copy massive reference dictionary? The e-book (CD) goes on sale November 13, Sunday and priced at $40. USA currency, exclusively through Archive Editions publishers providing a very descriptive overview of the contents.

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4 Responses to “‘Dinosaurs, Dragons, & Drama: Odyssey of a Trick Filmmaker’ by Jim Danforth”

  1. Langley says:

    This looks amazing!

  2. Ron Cole says:

    I like a PDF format because I can have my computer read it to me. :) I’ve never been much of a reader because I think too much while I’m reading, listening to audio makes me focus better. So I’m more likely to totally absorb an audio book or something I can feed to my ‘text to speech’ app.

  3. StopmoNick says:

    Only a few hours to go before the sales counter opens…

  4. Dave Hettmer says:

    I’m trying to keep an open mind about the format. I haven’t crossed into the e-reader movement; my experiences with reading specifications at work and other publications have been tactile-ly unsatisfying when doing the “good thing” and not printing out a copy.

    But over at SMA.com Mark Sullivan mentioned that he found the format enjoyable because (at least with this publication) there are a number of footnote links associated with the various topics that let you get more detail when and if you want it.


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