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Preview clip Gardens of Miranda: Arrival

October 25, 2011

Hmmm …. interesting. I posted earlier about Gardens of Miranda, a stop motion project headed by Tony McVey. Sooo … it looks like, at the very top of each of these Mount Everest sized pillar-like shaped mountains (on the planet), there exists a vast deep crater or canyon which is an entrance way to an entire forest and eco-system ….

For teaser trailer info & details: Gardens of Miranda

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8 Responses to “Preview clip Gardens of Miranda: Arrival”

  1. Karson says:

    The paragon of undesrdtaning these issues is right here!

  2. Ron Cole says:

    Please let me make it clear that Tony’s work is something I look forward to seeing a lot more of. He’s a great character animator and so I was expecting that when I viewed this clip for the first time. This is a very nice piece of work and I really like it… I just want to see characters in motion and I didn’t get any from this.

    More More More! :)

  3. Dave Hettmer says:

    I think that the lack of drama and fairly mechanical nature of the vehicle’s motion with nothing but a spinning doodad on the bottom accentuates the appearance that it’s heavily computer generated. The clean, simplicity of the vehicle’s design makes it look like a small model, possibly smaller than it actually is.

    Like Langley said, this is more of a segment, so I suspect we’re not really getting a good sense of what this is about. The action here doesn’t really lend itself well to expressing the project’s tone; the images at the blog are better.

  4. Langley says:

    While I wouldn’t call it a “trailer,” I think it looks great. Even though it’s a composite and the movement may (or may not) have been done in post, the models all look great. I especially liked the shot where we see the ship go down into the crater (note the shadow work there). And, even though it is more of a segment than a trailer, it did (for me) what any trailer is meant to do: Makes me want to see more! =)

  5. L.I.O. says:

    Devil’s Advocate here :) … Seems like critiques of flying craft not ‘officially’ pure stop motion? Generally in FX work, shots of flying space ships were & are done using blue/green screen compositing methods (& mo-co, Star Wars) … even Uncle Ray’s ‘First Men in Moon’ flying in space pod shots. So w/ Stop Mo, it’s often combination FX techniques as you all practice too. Or would you have flying craft the size of a tiny marble suspended on wires & stop motion animated against very large mountain miniature? :o I believe, Tony is using mostly real models & miniatures to serve as basis for compositing elements (bkgd plates).

  6. Johndods says:

    What Ron said

  7. StopmoNick says:

    Same here – it gets better at around 40 seconds in, when I can see the rocks are real models, but the motion of the spacecraft is still like something done in post. I wanna glimpse of stop motion, that’s what gets me salivating for more! This works as an intro into the film, but maybe a bit slow paced and all one thing to use as a teaser trailer – I’d worry less about continuity and just drop in a few exciting moments, only not quite enough to satisfy…
    But I do know it’s gonna be great, whether or not this particular trailer grabs me.

  8. Ron Cole says:

    I’m a big fan of Tony’s work but, this trailer doesn’t show enough drama and is a bit too much computer for me. I know Tony can do great stuff so I’m sorry to have to give my honest opinion in this case but, there it is.


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