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New Stop Motion How-to Books

September 17, 2011

A couple of new Instructional Stop Motion books for newbies, beginners, etc. that have been called to my attention. These are not necessarily just for young people. If you are an adult have no idea how to get started in Stop Motion, it’s okay if you get these books. Do not be embarassed. Learning is an incremental process …. you crawl first, then walk, then you get up to speed and able to RUN. I have not read these books but I always welcome any and more resources & information to help spread the Stop Motion Gospel. Do I hear an ‘Amen’ for that brothas & sistas?

Perhaps a holiday or personal gift for someone, or for kids, yourself (if you are a raw stop mo newbie) or for teacher school curriculum reference (animation classes for beginners). The books are Stop Motion Explosion and Stop Motion Handbook. Stop Motion Explosion seems to cover a more general range of stop motion production & not focused on a particular software or techniques. Stop Motion Handbook has more emphasis on using Mac computers, iStopmotion software, and iMovie. If you are an Apple/Mac person, this would be good addition for your learning library. I know the internet is a worldwide audience and it appears these books are printed in the English language at this time. Not my fault, peoples.


If you look at the right side of this page in the side bar, there are more selections of Stop Motion books that go into more deeper details or other aspects of Stop Motion. I say … get them ALL! Each book gives one a different spin or perspective. For those who are self-motivated teach yourself types, these books combined with the information & resources on the internet, is a cost-effective alternative compared to College/School. I am not saying that learning Stop Motion at a college or trade/animation school is not effective but the fact is, Stop Motion Animation is very niche (highly specialized) and such instruction most likely, may not be available in your area.

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One Response to “New Stop Motion How-to Books”

  1. Ron Cole says:

    Thanks for bringing attention to these books! The only point I’ll disagree with you on is where you said that stop motion is “very niche (highly specialized)”. 5 – 10 years ago that may have been true but as the title “Stop Motion Explosion” implies, there has been a real stopmo renaissance going on, with more people shooting stop motion now than ever before. :)

    Stop motion is back with a vengeance!


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