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Tony McVey’s ‘Gardens of Miranda’ – A Stop Motion Sci-Fi Series

September 1, 2011

I just got word about an interesting and exciting Stop Motion project that Tony McVey has been working on. In our niche of Special Effects and Artists in the biz, Tony’s resume & portfolio is quite extensive (just do an internet search). He is in the San Francisco Bay Area and so am I. I have known Tony for long time and at various times worked at his shop/studio doing some machining for my own work and also some job assignments for him. I have not been in touch with Tony for awhile. Some years ago he was experimenting with a King Kong story variation and I posted about that (see the links below). Recently contacting him, I was very much surprised. It looks Tony McVey has been working undercover on this production, titled, ‘Gardens of Miranda’. It is ambitous indeed. So far, Tony has been funding this on his own but to realize the full scope of this Science Fiction story, additional financing would take it to a higher level and enable completion of this production … continued below (scroll down) …

This is the debut of Tony’s Journal-Blog and so, go there and visit! There are some brief but cool brief behind the scenes photos to wet your appetite. I am already salivating with anticipation! :P GARDENS OF MIRANDA – a Sci-Fi Stop Motion series

Links: Tony McVey ‘de-lurked’ Meister Tony McVey slowly emerging

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4 Responses to “Tony McVey’s ‘Gardens of Miranda’ – A Stop Motion Sci-Fi Series”

  1. L.I.O. says:

    Yes anodized plating … it does look cool or imparts an art piece aesthetics finish to it but practically, aluminum does not really have negative effects on foam latex rubber (brass/bronze does) for example and doesn’t rust like steel. Anyway, one usually mummy wraps the armature to protect the armature mechanism & metal from contacting the rubber, whether foam latex, silicone, or other skinning material. I know you already know that Jeff. I’m merely speaking to the worldwide audience out here :mrgreen:

  2. LIO,

    Beautiful job on the Kong armature. I like how you designed a basic swivel mechanism to take the place of hinges…..always a pain to machine! Is that anodized aluminum? Beautiful work, man!!


  3. Peter Montgomery says:

    This looks great. i had a long look at the insect creature and the tree. Very unusual. And Lio. That ape armature is as always a stunner.

  4. L.I.O. says:

    If any of you are Luddites ;) about internet-speak & blog-o-sphere stuff, and you do not know what an ‘RSS feed’ subscription is, you can also get Email Updates to Tony’s journal-blog. Go to his page and look for the ‘Follow by Email’ box & subscribe (free).


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