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The Flying Machine (2011) – from ‘Peter & Wolf’ producer

August 9, 2011

This has been in the works for awhile and this is the first I’ve seen more extensive previews of this. The studio/producer is BreakThru Films. I’m guessing this is not something that caters to typical generic audiences who are accustomed to the similar products from Pixar, Dreamworks, etc. Of course, we know that the ‘Suits’ have their formulaic CGI animated products and to me, the stuff having somewhat homogenized sameness. ‘The Flying Machine’ (not a ‘tinsel town’ product) appears to be different & maybe interesting for the more discerning niche audiences. Oh I forgot … this is STOP MOTION but also combined with LIVE ACTION. So technically one has to put this in the Dynamation category of Stop Motion? :) Also, this will be viewable in Stereo 3D, which personally, I’m not that strong pusher of it. Not sure exactly when this is going to be released ….

Links: About ‘Flying Machine’IMDbBreakThru Films

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4 Responses to “The Flying Machine (2011) – from ‘Peter & Wolf’ producer”

  1. /_\ says:

    Can’t watch the video here in Austria”… but thanks for the hint ! Looks great !!!

  2. What’s the skin, silicone? can’t wait to see the inside of the armatures/skulls.

  3. StopmoNick says:

    Thanks for the update, brother LIO! I’d seen something about a Chopin film with a flying piano in it before, but not with this title, or the live action element. Then I didn’t hear any more. Hmmm … not really dynamation, the puppets don’t try to be real, they are unashamedly puppetfilm in style – closer to the Roger Rabbit integration of real and animated worlds perhaps. But damn, they MOVE like people! Just as much feeling from the puppet performances as from the actors, maybe more. And that’s a nice flapping action of all those sails on the flying piano too. This one is a must-have for my collection, even if I have to buy it from a European DVD shop in Polish or French!

  4. sasquatch says:



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