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From Brazil … ‘Stop Motion Freud’

July 30, 2011

This has been around the internet for some months and seems to have missed the viral bandwagon & many perhaps, have not seen it. Much of internet & media can be USA culture-centric and we forget there is a Worldwide International audience out there …. other cultures, artists & talent, etc. This was created by Luciano do Amaral from Brazil …. the native language of the country, is Portuguese ….

Stopmotion Freud from luciano do amaral on Vimeo

If ‘Stop Motion Freud’ were done in CGI, I can take a guess that many would NOT take that much notice because public is saturated bombarded with soooo much of ‘mouse-clicked keyboarded’ CGI animation and it begins to look kind of homogenized cookie-cutter similar. When something is actually tactile hand made-created, especially when executed with such finesse & quality, you still know that you are looking at handmade ‘puppets’ but they are infused with so much life & soul and it’s ’surreal’ … the discerning niche audience’s (not your regular movie goer public) attention is gripped and they truly appreciate the works of such an ‘artist’.

So you want to know how it was done? As usual, today’s information glut-spoiled thirsty audiences ;) wants the Magician to give away the secrets which to me, can ruin the Illusion. This video is self explanatory. If you view it a few times and you are detective-like keen observant, you can figure it out …

Projeto de bonecos from luciano do amaral on Vimeo

You maybe thought at first, exotic internal armatured jointed facial mechanisms, computer printed facial masks, or cable controlled? No, none of the above. As you can see, the methods were basically ‘Low Tech’ but relying on the ingenuity, creativity & resourcefulness of the artist. To me, this makes it even MORE IMPRESSIVE.

More: Luciano’s Vimeo ChannelCargo CollectiveLinkedin profileInterview, video

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2 Responses to “From Brazil … ‘Stop Motion Freud’”

  1. icepick method says:

    Now all it needs is some digital cigar smoke. :evil:

  2. Ron Cole says:

    This looks to be one powerhouse of a stop motion film! I’ve seen what I’m assuming is a long trailer of it because there are other characters depicted in the behind the scenes video you linked to so, I hope to get a chance to see the whole thing.

    The artistry on display in this is stunning to say the least – even more impressive if you do this kind of work yourself because you can see all the individual tasks (numbering in the hundreds and thousands) that go into the producing final result… Just AWESOME.


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