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‘Monster Slayer’ (2011) a short film by Caskey

May 14, 2011

A live action short combined with stop motion animated characters. This player automatically loads, so I cannot make any comments before …. watch first ….

‘Monster Slayer’ debuting on the USA Network Character Project …. a venue/platform for independent filmmakers to get recognized by others in the filmmaking biz and gives opportunity for public to watch alternatives, other flavors, & variety of Film Works. The Stop Motion animation effects work done by my buddies :) at Buddy System Studios located in Southern California USA.

Technical note …. at first the above movie played back somewhat jerky. Maybe it’s the high definition but no other lesser resolutions offered for slower connections. Download a few times & it might playback smoother.

References: Monster Slayer movie link, credits, info, etc. – Buddy System FilmsAbout ‘USA Character Project’Character Project ScreeningsUPDATE Behind the scenes video & photos

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14 Responses to “‘Monster Slayer’ (2011) a short film by Caskey”

  1. jasong says:

    VERY well done. Don’t know where there is any room to complain. It’s personal and imaginative, what more could there be? I couldn’t spot any problems with it..maybe some lighting didn’t TOTALLY match up a couple times but so what.. Again, VERY well done:)

  2. Montgomery. says:

    That was totally brilliant. Nice use of motion tracking matting and camera shake. The guy that puts the box thing on his face at the end looks real cool.

  3. ~_~ says:

    I feel like I owe the maker of this film a final summary of my thoughts… as mentioned before: I don’t know how it comes but I witnessed it in big tinseltown flicks too: really well done scenes that don’t add up to a whole film… hard to say… and I’m far from telling anyone how to do better !

    I quite enjoyed it and I am happy for you to get such nice reviews ! All the best for all your future projects !

    P.S.: @mysterious ron: I am a quiet admirer of your art…

  4. News Stop says:

    Very cool short film. The best part was when she went in the toilet with the fishnet and fished out the pill! That was hilarious.

    I didn’t notice any stops in the film, it played back very smooth and seemed to be great quality.

  5. Langley West says:

    Personally, I think this is awesome! It clearly shows that stop motion can be integrated with live action in a project that has the “look” of today’s filmmaking aesthetics (camera work, color palette, etc). The animation totally works and I found the story to be interesting and the acting right on target. Merit, you were great! This is going into my bag of stop-mo projects that I show doubters. Thanks for finding this Lio!


  6. L.I.O. says:

    Hey Merit …. COOL you visiting here :mrgreen:

    Anybody reading this, here is UPDATE link where you can see ….

    ‘Monster Slayer’ behind the scenes video & photos

  7. My names Merit I played Bea in Monster Slayer I loved The animation especially of course my wings…Everyone at Buddy Systems is AWESOME!!


  8. Ron Cole says:

    Disclaimer – I don’t know who °|° is and didn’t commission him/her (or combo thereof) to endorse, advertise, promote or otherwise ‘pimp my stuff’ for me. :)

    Ah but, I think this film clearly shows the benefits of having a crew, budget, equipment, food, sleep and all the other ‘fringe goodies’ that went into making it. :P

  9. °|° says:

    hmm…. a lot of lovely parts and some nice ideas, but all in all I see just pieces assembled together… the animation got some lovely parts, but after seeing what Ron Cole was able to do all by himself… and here there was a whole studio at work…
    the dialogue is jerky timed I daresay and much too long for my taste… sigh… sad to see it already finished.
    But who am I to talk too loudly. Just some thoughts. I don’t say that it is badly executed or anything. But as mentioned above. Maybe another time

  10. Ravenstar says:

    yea , i have the free version of quicktime , but maybe i need to purchase it , or some thing else is wrong with my set up, i’ll get there.

  11. Rotter says:

    Also has the chick from Roseanne in it,Alicia Goranson.

  12. Ron Cole says:

    Ravenstar, a Q with a ? in the middle means you don’t have the right software to view online Quicktime Movie files. You should be able to download free software to be able to view it no matter what system you’re running.

  13. Ravenstar says:

    I cant get it to play , just a Q with a ? in the middel , sadly

  14. Ron Cole says:

    What a phenomenal film! It’s the new breed of Dynamation being used it a whole different type of film and it really works! For stop motion special effects enthusiasts, this is one of those films you download and go through frame-by-frame to see how’d they do that??? :)


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