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Update: ‘War of the Worlds’ Stop Motion Dynamation test trailer

April 28, 2011

I previously posted about this back in November ‘10. At the end of this news post (below) you can click on link and get the earlier details and background information. As I stated before, Justin Kohn is the force behind this retake of of the classic H.G. Wells ‘War of the Worlds‘. A few weeks ago, Justin had a mini-premier of the trailer/teaser with the shots composited together, sound effects, music score, etc. Remember, this is a proof of concept ‘test’ to show the possibilities what could be done, and even more with a decent production budget. So, do not be too harsh, however constructive suggestions are helpful and offers different ideas to director, producer, etc., if this project progresses further. Turn off or dim your room lights and pump up the speaker volume …

RetroVision Filmworks: ‘War of the Worlds’ test trailerBehind the Scenes

I really like the sound effects and music score. The behind the scenes, informative and entertaining …. just like the ol’ school days of the ‘making of’, before CGI digital up the wah-zoo :( . Yes, computers used for post production but the foundational effects are real tactile models/puppets, sets, miniatures, etc.. Way more FUN watching than the behind scenes of CGI mouse clicked special effects. You know …. people just staring at computer screens. I already commented in past, my liking of Steampunk, Jules Vern’ish, Edwardian aesthetics of the original H.G. Wells’ story. Now that I see this completed trailer, I would maybe offer an idea for possible consideration :mrgreen: : Maybe modify or disguise the visible Ball Joints, with maybe flexible cable-type sheathing and other modelmaking techniques to make ball joints less noticeable. IMO, it would enhance the war machine’s look, particularly giving more organic quality to the tentacled arms and that there are internal hidden Martian engineering mechanics, moving the arms and other appendages. In general though …. very COOL stuff …. ME LIKES IT :)

References: SMW News Nov ‘10, ‘War of the Worlds’ Stop Motion Dynamation version

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3 Responses to “Update: ‘War of the Worlds’ Stop Motion Dynamation test trailer”

  1. Neville says:

    What Happened with this?


  2. Arthur says:


    I just recently saw your trailer for the stop motion version of the war of the worlds and it looks amazing.The cylinder flying through space and the amazing tripod the stop motion effects are wonderful.I really look forward to seeing this film once its complete.Its a pleasure to see stop motion again in a world thats full of cgi effects.

  3. Ron Cole says:

    To me, the best shot in this teaser is the very last shot, where they applied the old film look. It really sells the look of the effect they are creating – mixing the modern crispness of digital photography and the look of 1930’s style effects seems to be a mismatch. The dust & scratches / sepia tone film feel fits it best.


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