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Tippett Studio beginnings: Stop Motion ‘Prehistoric Beast’

April 14, 2011

Phil Tippett and his crew created this butt-kicking 10 minute Stop Motion short back in 1984. This is the first time official release (not bootlegged upload). Tons of atmosphere and most important to me, no narration distraction (like the plethora of ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ programs). Seeing it again, it is as fresh & original as ever, even after 27 years! Geez, I cannot believe it was that long ago (time flying by way too fast :( ) . The dinosaurs having plenty of ‘character’ and it’s like you’re just observing their natural habitat. All Stop Motion animated. No …. you do not see mega-herds of dinos like you do with CGI. Who needs it and who cares. Solid storytelling & characters does not require excess. You know, ‘less is more’ principle.

The video cannot be embedded in website but you can go directly to Youtube and watch …. Prehistoric Beast Note: This is digitally restored from the original which was shot on 16mm movie film using Bolex cameras.

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7 Responses to “Tippett Studio beginnings: Stop Motion ‘Prehistoric Beast’”

  1. |¯—¯| says:

    the animation is grand, beyond well executed (in a good sense…) and holy cow: impressive ! And yes it is Phil Tippett and yes what hasn’t he achieved and what a name to drop: but this here shows some outstanding character for purposes of ‘name dropping’ yelling schmoes… Phil Tippett solidly rocks, pushing the whole business of animation to the forgotten boundaries and beyond – and showing what is possible (back then) and was possible (back then) –> lesson to learn: more than twenty years passed and what happend in that time ?!

    And don’t you dare to drag out the ‘but the technology evolved’ club…

    This characters got CHARACTER and a distinctive way to move and they frigging ACT ! Next to outstanding filmography (when was the last time I saw a sunrise like that ?! And I give a … about 12 Peta-Pixel Full Blast Resolution in Bohooo-Ray Disc Thingee Stuff)… ah, the fire, the rage, the youth, it is all coming back… very well…

    Thank you for tipping me/us into that direction… what a film ! A pleasure to watch… really !

  2. L.I.O says:

    Perhaps Phil yearning for the craft again, the hands-on tactile creative part of it. He went to the CGI darkside ;) by necessity to stay in the Special Effects game. At Smithsonian site, somebody just commented….

    “Above all, though, Prehistoric Beast is impressive for the level of craftsmanship required to make it. We will probably never see such a film again. Dinosaurs can now be easily brought back to life via computers, even if many of them look absolutely atrocious, and so stop-motion dinosaurs have gone extinct. Maybe it’s just childhood nostalgia ….”

    Smithsonian – The long awaited return of ‘Prehistoric Beast’

    I disagree strongly about his ‘Extinct’ comments. That is his ‘reality’ in his mind and he may not be able to see outside that box (like majority of people). We have the modern automobile but some people still want the experience of horse back riding, or the fun of driving a stick gear shifting transmission sporty car. So many analogies. Am I digressing? :o

  3. Ron Cole says:

    Mr Tippet has been pumping so much of this stuff out onto his PhilsAttic Youtube page that it’s leading me to believe that he’s looking to go headlong back into stop motion production. I know he’s working on MAD GOD and that looks great so far and it’s certainly something to be excited about but… I get the feeling there’s more… much more to come. :)

  4. Ravenstar says:

    Hey does anyone know Phil and do you think he might do a Commentary about why it was made , how it was made , his thoughts on it and what went into it.
    This should get some kind of award. out standing.

  5. U_Ani says:

    A real gem indeed. Seems he had fun making that.

  6. Rotter says:

    Great little film. I particularly like how Phil used the “hand held” camera effect in the fight scene.

  7. sasquatch says:

    This is awesome…I was struck by the skin textures and the feeling that you were looking at a real animal at times-especially the monclonius when feeding-the way the light hits it etc…it just looks real to me. Much more so than the electronic phantoms known as CGI dino’s and creatures.
    I don’t believe Tippet had frame grabbers or motion blur capabilities back then did he? Doesn’t seem to matter. Just remarkable how the industry totally went away from stop mo creatures…About time we put the foot down!


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