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Ethan Marak’s ‘SuperBattle: Episode 1′ DVD

February 28, 2011

We have all been, verrrrry gradually trained to watching videos/movies in a SMALL player window on your computer and even on your smaller cell phone screens. You need a frigg’n magnifying glass :x . You cannot compare the little computer video player windows to a good sized Television set in your home and relaxing on your couch. Ethan Marak’s ‘SuperBattle: Episode 1‘ DVD is one such visual creative work that should be WATCHED on your HOME TV and experience the high production values. Give a shout-out & support to Ethan …. SuperBattle: Episode 1 Dvd is available for very affordable purchase. There are plenty of behind the scenes photos. Pictorially, it is almost a crash course in puppet making (the Brawl Magnet puppet). Again, much more enjoyable & edifying to watch on your primo-size Home LCD Televisions.  Where are the producers out here?? SUPER-BATTLE needs SUPPORT so that this COOL Puppet Animation series can be continued. Below this image, some links for you to check-out ….

SuperBattle Movie WebsiteSuperBattle Facebook Fan PageBuy SuperBattle Dvd Info

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