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Tim Burton Stop Motion Tribute: ‘Tim’ narrated by Christopher Lee

February 14, 2011

Person behind this is Brian J. Ochab, an enthusiastic and positive thinking writer/producer/director with a thorough knowledge of the stop motion production process as he had hands-on experience earlier in his career. ‘TIM’ is an inprogress project, provided that it can get some funding and/or backers, contributers, etc.. I believe, this stop motion animated short is estimated to be at about six minutes in length and going to be packed with high production quality. From what I gathered, Brian has reached out to professionals in the business, some contributing their skills and others awaiting in the sidelines. I know some of these skilled & talented people and I also offered any contribution such as consultation, advice, resource leads, etc. to Brian. The biggest coup from Brian, was him getting the distinguished actor Christopher Lee as the narrator!!

Stop Motion can be done in a cost-effective manner. In a small studio space setting, the puppets, miniature sets, props, models, and the art direction …. all creatively coming together …. incredible imaginative worlds can be produced in a small studio space setting and still achieve ‘high production values’. Brian is going professional with this project and there are costs for paid professional services such as animators, artists, model-makers, technicians, musical score, post production work, etc..

Again, moving forward on this project depends if Brian via his Wonder Motion Studios, can get some monetary backing & support. Brian has an online funding site where anyone can make contributions. Every dollar counts. I am sure there are professional colleagues & friends of Tim Burton out here? It sure would help in reaching the funding goal. Maybe spread the word to others? You know …. somebody that knows somebody, that knows somebody, and so on :)

Brian has a good presentation about ‘TIM’ and even Sir Christopher Lee (yes, he is knighted!) commenting and is on board this project, IF Brian can get the support. Time is running short (March 29, ‘11) and HELP is needed.

Details … Wonder Motion StudiosKickstarter Funding SiteSir Christopher Lee

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