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Stop Motion Eminem Brisk Iced Tea Ad

February 6, 2011

Created by talented model-makers, puppet fabrication artists & stop motion animators in the San Francisco Bay Area …. just aired during the Super Bowl (2011) …..

It would be cool if there was a somewhat complete list of those who worked on this so that they could be properly credited for their contributions. I know only some,  such as Misha Klein, Webster Colcord, Justin Kohn, and Tirsh Hunter but I’m obviously missing other names.

References:  Youtube Brisk ChannelFacebook Brisk PageWebster Colcord

UPDATES: A few names are starting to appear at other online postings, of others who worked on the series of Brisk Ads (including previous Machete & Osbourne) ….

Fon Davis – Production design & miniature sets fabrication
Dick Kaneshiro – Motion control
Amy Adamy & Matt Manning – Stop motion animators
Gritsada Satjawatcharaphong & Robert Barnes – Puppets/Characters head & facial replacement sculptures/models
Merrick Cheney – Stop motion armatures, design & fabrication
Sven Bonnichsen – Additional armature (Eminem puppet)
Lauren Vogt – Puppet fabrication crew

Brisk Iced Tea – Eminem Outtakes ….

A Very BRISK Behind the Scenes ….

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8 Responses to “Stop Motion Eminem Brisk Iced Tea Ad”

  1. nautica says:

    they should make a justin bieber 1

  2. Marc_H says:

    Lio, I’ve read far longer and in depth discussions of yours about pacing, the way stories are told, and the whole idea there, but I was literally just talking about the Brisk adverts.
    I wonder why they’re going with plastic replacement faces now though, rather than doing more with cable controlled puppet heads like the one Mr.Cole made?
    Maybe it costs too much?
    Or maybe Ron’s the only one who has trust-able experience with making puppets that way and he’s busy.

  3. U_Ani says:

    I’m tired of repeating my opinion about the mainstream industry so I’ll just sum it up: It’s all biased. Avoid the bias by working independent and your focus isn’t bogus. Nothing personal, mainstream.

    It’s most honorable to have works like the Brisk stop motion in mainstream commercial business. Maybe it gains some of it’s appreciation back so we get to see more of, ahem, variety as Lionel always so adequately puts it.

  4. L.I.O. says:

    @ Marc_H – I was just commenting ‘in general’, mostly referring to ‘movies’ how Xtreme fast paced (& lacking in good storytelling) they are now, compared to past films.

    In commercials/ads that is different where many times you must pack a lot of stuff & energy into it to get the message across in under 60 secs!

  5. Marc_H says:

    Webster Colcord put some pretty nice photos from the production up on his facebook.
    I think the sculptors and animators really got Eminem’s likeness and exaggerated the ways he moves brilliantly and it really shows his character. As with a lot of the brisk ads it seems like there’s a lot packed into the 30 seconds, but maybe that’s to suggest energy and excitement.

  6. L.I.O. says:

    Sasquatch …. Good review of overall Super Bowl broadcast mania and you did it mostly short & sweet :) . To me, it’s like Attention Deficit Disorder that today’s entertainment media is creating in the public. No alternative or variety to include more subtlety. Much catering to videogamer generation …. instant gratification …. quick highs and not long lasting. Things of past …. much more longevity and become classics or well remembered.

  7. sasquatch says:

    luckily Eminem always looks P.O.’d-not too many replacement heads needed! I felt that the quick transitions from the different rooms and alleys etc. he moved through gave it an
    extra chatteriness…Not a completely bad thing; -if it was too smooth, a lot of folks would think it CGI.
    Great sets, and models…nice to see in the mix with all the CG stuff during Super Bowl adds…I also liked the beaver commercial-it looked like a live action puppet-probably from the same outfit that did the frogs etc…
    I also noticed that there were about 12-15 movies advertised during the game…And Poor Christina, Too many
    vocal gymanastics can throw you off the melody, then you can forget the lyrics. Singing a song is NOT a competition. even tho’ American Idol and even Gospel shows(!) using the same format have made it seem so.
    Any art can be overdone-and that’s why I hate most CGI.
    Subtlety should be more appreciated. But today it seems that if it doesn’t immediately rip your face off the art or artist is shoved aside quicker than a single frame goes by…

  8. allegos says:

    Found this from stop motion messageboard about the eminem armature



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