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Robert Downey Jr. is voice of Stop Motion ‘Mr. Peanut’

November 9, 2010

A series of puppet animation ads to be launched by the Planters company. They are being done by Laika animation studio in Portland, Oregon USA. Most of the press releases only mentions the Ad Agency, the producers, etc.. I could not find anything about the artists, model makers, puppet fabricators & technicians that did the actual hands-on, tactile work. Below are the first few ads out there now …..

My remarkable holiday partyMr Peanut Greeting CardMaking of Mr. Peanut

References: One of many press releases   Planters Company Site   LAIKA

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5 Responses to “Robert Downey Jr. is voice of Stop Motion ‘Mr. Peanut’”

  1. Dave Hettmer says:

    Guys with monocles aren’t “cool” like that. Shoulda dispensed with the nutcracker in a more stylish manner.

  2. Ron Cole says:

    Gotta disagree with Jay here… I see no problem with the redesign or the voice. I rank myself as a pretty harsh critic and I totally LOVE these shorts!

  3. Jay Taylor says:

    Glad they decided to do this in stopmotion, rather than cg, but the redesign is quite bad. His voice is okay, but could have been better.

    Traditional hand drawn animation would obviously work best. Why bother with a voice? Just use a narrator while having Mr. Peanut show the merchandise. :)

  4. Ron Cole says:

    Wait! Did you update this or something? I just came back here to get the link so I could show this to a friend on Facebook. The last time I looked, I hadn’t seen the ‘making of’ video, That’s fantastic! Maybe I just missed it the first time?

  5. Ron Cole says:

    What else is there to say about this other than, Awesome – Awesome – AWESOME!!! :D


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