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Tippett Studio returns to Stop Motion? …. ‘Mad God’ Teaser

October 22, 2010

Well, not exactly for mainstream visual special effects work but instead, the Tippett Gang are working on their own independently produced short that includes Stop Motion puppet animation. Let me do some brief expounding for the non-aware general public who may have no clue about Phil Tippett. If CGI had not INTERFERED :x , Phil and his Studio might have been the modern & advanced Turbo-charged Stop Motion Harryhausen-esque Effects Masters. So, in 2009 it was Tippett Studio’s 25th Anniversary and I only very belatedly discovered that fact now. I have not kept up with the Tippett Clan, maybe because they are now primarily a ‘CGI Special Effects Studio’ and this is a Stop Motion focused pulpit but on rare occasion, I go off on tangents and other subject matter :mrgreen: , however, I mostly stick to Stop Motion and anything that is Cinema Special Effects related (Yes, even CGI sometimes :| ).

Years ago, I did a few small freelance work assignments for the first Jurassic Park (1993) and later, Starship Troopers (1997), so I got a taste of the the magical world of ‘Tippett Land‘ in its earlier days when I would occasionally visit their studio. I’ll keep my keyboard ramble at minimum (wears me out) and just refreshing everyone’s memories …. Phil Tippett got his start from the hands-on tactile school of Harryhausen aka Dynamation style, Puppet Stop Motion animated creature character special effects. The CGI World-Wide takeover :o got some of its initial boost with all the media hype about the first Jurassic Park (1993). Steven Speilberg & ILM were originally going to use Tippet Studio to create the advanced Go-Motion Dinosaur FX (more details), but after Steven Speilberg saw some CGI created dino tests, he made the sudden switch to CGI ….Computer synthesized & animated Dinosaur visual effects which at the time, was like a cinematic historic revolutionary kind of thing using Hi-Techy ‘Puters to attempt realism special effects. Phil thought he was going to be extinct. A quote from him, “I was (dragged) kicking and screaming into the digital agesome pioneer I was”. Speilberg and ILM still stayed with Phil and used his character animation knowledge to mentor and guide the ILM computer animators first venture into extensive CGI creature animation. We all know the aftermath of Phil’s decision :( …. Tippett Studio is now ALL CGI 24/7. I guess, you cannot blame him. Phil is a mere mortal like you and me and it’s about survival ….. we all must pay the rent, bills, food, and California’s obscene high taxes, fees, etc. etc …. but I digress. That is the LIO capsule version of Phil’s Stop Motion transition to CGI.

Anyway, a few links and some clips & teasers below related to the Phil-ster Meister :) . Cinefex magazine: The Tippett Touch (cover) – Tippett Takes Long View on VES Pioneer Award (2009) – FacebookPhil’s AtticDragon Stop Motion software used for shooting Mad God.

Tippett Studio had a Youtube channel since June 2010 but only just recently went ‘live’ this October with the channel name of Phil’s Attic. Embedding of the video clips on other websites is disabled so you need to go directly to the Attic’s channel to watch. Here are some especially the ‘MAD GOD’ teaser, then there’s the teaser of Prehistoric Beast short which first launched Tippett Studio back around 1984.  Lots more stuff to see at Phil’s Attic YouTube Channel. I particularly like the clips of the ol’ school pre-CGI non-computer stuff. You will also see other Youtube channels with uploaded Tippett related stuff.

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2 Responses to “Tippett Studio returns to Stop Motion? …. ‘Mad God’ Teaser”

  1. L.I.O. says:

    A fresh new interview with the ‘Tippett-ster Meister’ ….

    Tippett talks, Jurassic Park, AT-ATs, 3D Stereo, etc.

    Right-on brother Phillp …. ‘Bah Humbug‘ to 3D Stereoscopic-schopic. He says he’s more than satisfied with good ol’ regular 2D viewing. I’ve ranted similar in the past, but a little more detailed such as, that High Definition already astounds me in home viewing television advancement. I also said about the insanity today of a technology not even getting a chance to start maturing and establish itself, and then suddenly, the techy toys pushers dump onto the market, even MORE du jour techy gimmicks (planned obsolescence products). And another thing, (since I’m on a micro-roll) I notice in myself that the 3D stereo visual ‘effect’ gets less verrrry fast, i.e., I do not notice the 3D effect as much, the longer you watch. The human mind adapts very quickly. Even in the REAL world, in many cases, you do notice the 3D stereo phenomenon.

    Even though Phil personally may have some dislike to 3D, it’s possible he’ll take on Stereo projects. HEY, he has to pay the rent, overhead, bills, and our California excessive taxes, fees, etc. :P

  2. Ron Cole says:

    I gotta say that looking over Mr.Tippet’s page on Youtube has been an eye opener, I don’t think anyone could come away from it without seeing how passionate he is and always was about stop motion. I had no way of knowing if stop motion was a technique that had any value for him anymore.

    As a huge fan of Mr.Tippet’s stop motion work, it was sad for me to think that we had seen the last of his puppet animation work all those years ago. So seeing the teaser for ‘Mad God’ really took me by surprise, I was overjoyed to see it, for layers of reasons and I very much look forward to seeing the finished product.

    The only thing I would like to see more than this would be to see new animation by Uncle Ray! (somehow I don’t think Phil would mind knowing he’s my SECOND favorite animator of all time :D )


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