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New Oscar Animation Rules: Preserves ‘traditional’ or expands … more variety?

July 16, 2010

I consider mainstream movie making biz living in their own elite clique world. They produce products for mass consumption and its primary objective is, as a money making business. Good  stuff does emerge from ‘Tinsel Town’ but any so called ‘Artistry & Quality’ IMO, happens to be more the ‘exception’ than the ‘rule’. The ‘rule’ as applied to current 21st century produced mainstream flicks, is not necessarily ‘quality’ but created for maximum impact appeal that caters to ‘quantity’ which is the lowest common denominator audience factor. I am not judging that as a ‘negative’ but just as factual, what the business IS. With that said, in spite of my misgivings about where the mainstream biz has evolved to currently (lesser quality & longevity), I am leaning in favor of the Academy’s new animation rules. In my view, they were falling way behind with the eligibility requirements and needed to ‘draw some sort of line in the sand’. The awards, is a ‘contest’. Apples should compete with apples and oranges compete with oranges. Hmmm … I am not sure if that’s a good metaphor :P .

Of course, the new Oscar animation eligibility rules will not satisfy everyone especially the plethoric cornucopia of technology die-hards who see ‘technology’ as sancro-sanct nirvana. Perhaps,these rules might mildly put the brakes on, or slightly slow down this orgasmic excess of ‘hyper-technology dependent’ filmmaking, including, always being ‘glorified’ over all other flavors and styles of ‘not (or lesser) technology reliant’ filmmaking. I have larger gestalt views about ‘technology in general’ and its overemphasis and impact on ’society/humankind’. There are many, including scholars with similar observations. I am not Anti-progress or an Eco-green gestapo. I know we obviously benefit from technology but we should perhaps use it with discretion and wisdom. We are consuming ‘it’ like drugs and with every ‘high’, there is a new ‘low’ … but I digress.

Reminder again, this is about ‘mainstream motion picture business’. There is an entire independent filmmaking world that has no rules and any style or flavors can apply (product choices & diversity) to satisfy the more discerning niche movie audience. Kind of ironic though, that the Internet which is very ‘technological’ may be the means to preserve Old & Past Technology and Skill-sets. As I said, ideally some balance should be struck between OLD and NEW, but knowing inhuman nature of hyper-short attention span & greed, that is maybe fantasy dreaming on my part :| . Some of these articles have Reader’s Comments. Be sure to read them.  Changes For Animated Film & Visual EffectsNew Oscar Rules Deem Motion Capture not an Animation techniqueNew Academy rules for Animated featuresIs it important to preserve old technology and skills?Living Natural TreasuresLiving Natural/Human Treasure EDIT 7-17-10

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