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‘New’ SMW News ’semi-official not yet there’ Grand Opening

June 6, 2010

If you received this email notification update about SMW News, there is nothing here yet. I did not send out the email notice. It’s all done verry automatically now through this new SMW news format, whenever I post articles. You are looking at ’still in progress’ state of SMW News.

As you obessive bloggers know (I am not one of them and I do not blog …. I COMMENTATE) there is the infamous SIDE BAR usually on the right side of these blog page layouts where you show all your links, recent posts, archived posts, ad thumbnails, etc. I still have not completed the sidebar contents here yet. This was a BEE-ATCH ….. I hated the setting this up. Sure, maybe I learned something, but I prefer being in the shop, outdoors, etc. doing REAL things and not spending your friggn life in front of a ‘Puter screen. Too much to tirade about. You would not believe out there in the nether virtual world of the internet, the compulsive mega numbers of people into this blogging stuff and into all the anal retentive details of designing, promoting, social-media-izing, etc. . I guess, it’s similar to the “15 Minutes of Fame” syndrome. Everyone thinking they are the center of attention and celebrity-like, via their blogs. Well, I do not give a rat’s butt about that. I just maybe want to ocassionally, SAY SOMETHING and have a place to post it on the internet.

Again, this is not really a grand opening or anything. No big deal as I am just a grain of sand in the plethoric sand dunes of mega-bloggers (I DO NOT BLOG). This is the new URL link to SMW News …..


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7 Responses to “‘New’ SMW News ’semi-official not yet there’ Grand Opening”

  1. Jay says:

    Hey Lio what´s the plug in / script or however you call it that you use for this ? I´m sure it´s not a blog since YOU DO NOT BLOG…just commentat : P

    I´m looking for somehting like this for my site as well…
    and I´m not sure if I want to blog or just comentate as well

  2. LIO says:

    @StopmoNick …. Your original comment has not disappeared and it is in the queue here. I cannot figure out why you got selected. I thought it was your Youtube channel link but no, because your 2nd post has same link to but when through okay. I am posting this reply as a visitor (not as administrator), just to see if I get spam branded.

    @Talkback Troll …. Yo brother Dave …. first one to comment at SMW News with ‘BEEYACTH’!!

    @Marc … Ahhhh …. very clever & slick of you to test for doing the Spamola test here. That was my biggest concern with all this. I was not sure if I could spam myself because maybe my I.P. Address would be blacklisted! I’m guessing spam filters work on text content. No I’m not techy …. I reluctantly force myself to learn specific task. This is something I don’t want to do all the time. Give me some metal, ultra-cal, the pungent aroma of foam rubber latex, etc.

    @Ron … As mentioned at SMA boards, in all of SMW history, you are FIRST one to comment publically online to an SMW News posting. Unfortunately, I don’t have a prize for you.

    WTF?? I just posted as a random visitor, and I got ‘marked’ the same as Nick and no notice (like in moderation) Doing second time and lets see if it shows up. I went into Admin to de-spam myself and then approve. See Marc why I don’t dig this? We’ll see if it gets de-bugged.

  3. StopmoNick says:

    Second attempt at posting… submitted comment about 15 minutes ago but it didn’t appear.
    Congrats on moving to the new format Mr Works!
    And look, 4 comments already, and there isn’t even any content yet!
    I’ve subscribed to the email notification for SMW News.

  4. Fourth Post! Beeyatches, I beat the rest of you!

  5. Marc says:

    Ah ok it’s moderated, that’s good. See, you said you weren’t techy. So far it’s looking good.

  6. admin says:

    Testing, testing, testing commentation.

  7. Ron Cole says:

    Hmmmmm… Looks like Elves have been at work here! :)


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