Studios, you have Stop Motion project? Looking for people?:
One of the many obstacles with Stop Motion always trying to survive in the market, I have observed all these years, is the difficulty in finding a crew with specific skills in various aspects of Stop Motion production which makes "ramping up" for a Stop Motion production, somewhat time consuming. With thanks (or maybe, it's not really welcomed), to the PLUG-IN CREW nature of CGI, the current demands for "due yesterday"-type deadline production schedules, has become assinine ridiculous. IMO, this is contributory as to why Stop Motion may be overlooked or not considered. To do quality, high production values Stop Motion, takes time (like aging fine wine); and so, producers (aka suits ) most of the time, will overlook Stop Motion as a choice. In their eyes, it takes too long or they have pre-concieved bias ideas that Stop Motion is an antiquated technique that the audiences will reject (I say, WRONG!). So "they" ignorantly just choose CGI methods. Okay, so much for my commentary. Here is a list that I am starting of individual people who have demonstratable skills in some aspects of Stop Motion Animation production. Wherever possible, I will list their specific or primary talents & skills. This is an ongoing and changing list and I will add, as I discover them.

To Artists:
To be considered for placement on this page, you must have relevant experience in some aspect in Stop Motion production and we prefer an online internet presence that should have some sort of biography or resume, including pics, videos, samples, etc.;
Contact Stop Motion Works so that we may review it for possible listing here.