When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (1971 US release)

In Stop Motion Animation circles, this film is highly praised for its Special Effects using traditional methods of cinema trick photography. At that time, there were NO computers and no Cgi. The Stop Motion creature character animation was executed by the highly skilled & talented technician & creator Jim Danforth in which he was also the overseer of other special Fx elements in this movie. However, from the fans ...  not much criticism about the movie's storyline. This is going to be somewhat sacrilegious and I'm being straight-up here ... unfortunately,  the story was pretty BORING.  It is mostly about the prehistoric humans speaking gibberish. The best movie segments were obviously the special effects sequences that included the stop motion creatures. WDRE could be considered a sequel to 'One Billion Years BC' (1966) ... story is somewhat similar. When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, would perhaps be more in the B-MOVIE category, however, having Special Visual Effects so outstanding, that it was a nominee for an Oscar Academy Award in 1972.

If you want to watch the entire movie on your large screen smart TV, I am certain you can find it online available as a rental stream. Definitely it's a Popcorn & Soda Pop escape into the retro cinema pop culture. As a preview, you can watch some of the effects scenes here ....














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