NOTES: Original, random rough storyboard thumbnails I dug up from many years in storage and I recently scanned them into computer. Tom "Evil Dead" Sullivan, also years ago, lived in Bay Area for a short time. I asked him to do some rough concept sketch of an Alien around an existing armature and I then reproduced it as a puppet. Also, the alien space ship, he did rough sketch capturing similar organic-ness & bug flavor. I made some changes as I fabricated, constructed alien & ship,but essentially very similar to those rough sketches. Above is only rough initial idea of sequence. This is very old & just resurrecting to see the early years stuff. This was conceived way before all this computer digital-schmigital imaging technology and I was going to shoot tests & experiments on Super 8 "film". Whenever you see the word "split" with yellow highlighting .... that was in reference to in-camera front projection split screen compositing techniques, also using other in-camera special effects methods as Uncle Ray would have done .... aka Dynamation (but mine was more crude)

"Proof of Concept" ....
Testing 1-2-3, Testing 1-2-3 .... this is only a test

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Intelligent Insect Lifeforms in Alien Ships coming back to home planet Earth and retake what is THEIR'S

Alien first encounter with CIA Swat Military. Proof .... "Human's" devolving & reaking destruction

Turn off room lights .... crank up the volume .... let's return to B-Movie escapism & fun.....

Old Super 8mm Film test .... ALL done in-camera .... no computers, no software. Also, rough looking because of poor man's do-it-youreslf, film-to-video transfer, years ago. Projected film on wall and aimed ancient camcorder at it.

Stay tuned .....

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