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International Stop Motion Consortium

This group is dedicated to promoting and keeping the Art of Stop Motion Animation in the public consciousness, particularly in the animation and  special effects industry. We appreciate computer animation and digital special effects, however,  we want to encourage variety and diversity in offering alternative visual imagery creation styles in which today's more niche audiences are looking for new entertainment products. This group offers you networking connections with others who offer skills and services, in whatever supportive capacity for Advertisement and Independent features, shorts, works, etc.

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If you wish to join ISMC, you need to first be registered with Linked-In which is not a personal social site but more of a networking & connection tool for freelancers, artists, technicians, craftspeople, material & equipment suppliers, musicians, producers, directors, etc..  For more details, go to What is Linked-In?

For those of you that are already registered with Linked-In, click on link below to sign in and see if wish to join ISMC 
(FREE)  and/or connect with me or others.
I am the Administrator of I.S.M.C.



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