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Want to take a break? The links concerns anything that interests me..... satire/comedy,
serious, the unique, political, philosophical, products, books, etc. etc.

For research .... websites or info no longer online Archive.org

Reduce or Quit Cigarette Smoking. No Rx Prescriptions. Do-it-yourself affordable Quitwithsnuff.com

Fun things to do with your digital still cam ....
FD's Flicker Toys

Fun with Hand Shadows, by Sati Achath & Bala Chandran

Awesome museum located in San Francisco ...totally hands-on & tactile ... cool site

Advantages of having a slick & smooth, Cool-Looking cranium
Why Shave Your Head?

This site is kind of the online version of an Andrew Dice Clay (comedian) but not as raunchy...for adults
Maddox / The Best Page in the Universe

Not your typical music instruments ..... The Four Squeezins Musical Hands

Soooo... you are finding that you do not have enough time to do "stuff"? Well, I think that I am falling into this category. Some unique ways to organize & time manage. A few years ago, I did see the author give a brief lecture on the PBS network..... I thought was impressive
Time Management from Inside Out

Homebrew equipment & aids for physical strength training Grunt & Shen's Workshop Also Home Gym Bodybuilding


Mainstream Entertainment-Media NO longer in 'control'. YOU are the 'discoverers' of TALENTED ARTISTS.
I do not personally know most of them, but cyber-virtually they crossed my surfing path & passing on the links ....

Andrea Caro | Lasse Gjertsen | Chad Vader | Eleni Mandell






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