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December 2007

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* High Cost of Movie Digital Storage ..... With regards to today's practice of Hyper planned obsolescence, 'Technology' is not even given a chance to mature, then some new techno crap thing that is supposedly better, faster, more powerful, is fed to the public as the latest flavor, which then makes the previous techno-crap thing, prematurely obsolete. I am now hearing that Music CDs not cool anymore and on its way out? Back to the subject; read the NY Times piece, Afterlife is Expensive for Digital Movies & comments. LESSON: Let's NOT TRASH Movie Film too frigg'n fast.

That's it for this last SMW News of 2007. I am kind of burnt-out. I want to sense how Lurking feels. How can you do it without any guilty conscious?!? EDIT: 12.30.07

* Time off ?..... You demand too much from me . Not only here but at message board. The few regular forum contributors, merely entertainment fodder for you? If you might be a heavy Internet surfer and/or forum visitor, whether you participate or just Lurk , could this be You?

* When SMA.com went Dark 12.13.07 ..... Borrowing from Mysterious Ron. He did some Gandalf-like observations about SMA forum black-out. Before 'Myst Ron' came out of closet , in the past, the message board has experienced some very occasional black-outs. For me, I try to imbue Stop Motion Works with a feeling that it is Alive & Breathing, so that it does not feel abandoned. Fortunately, as far as I know, this website has not yet experienced any black-outs. If it did, I would make damn sure that YOU know what is going on!

Anthony Scott, I know that you are busy and I am not sure if you will see this. Obviously, you are aware of the responsibilty you have! Just an idea for your possible consideration in the future, should the forum/website go offline for whatever reason: Maybe post a simple FYI or Status Announcement Page, as to the reason for the interruption? Also, approximately how long. Even if down period is for a short time due to maintenance or whatever. Most at the messageboard board Lurk, but Mysterious Ron had the courage to express what many of the non-speaking forum members possibly felt: A sense of Void & Loss when the message board suddenly vanishes without notice . EDIT: 12.16.07

* Clash of the Titans Remake ..... Not new news. Rumor was flying earlier in year. Just the more recent buzz of the movie script writer & director. I have nothing too deep to say, other than, the remake will most likely have the same homogenized CGI characteristics, including formulaic camera cinematic methods and other predictable elements. I will not specifically reveal what they are, because then, I would be giving 'them' freebie consultation & advice of what, not to do . No one is saying it but maybe you are thinking it? Studios blow, I mean, they 'Budget' Mega-Millions on these overpriced flicks, also on promotion & advertising. With Titans remake, this seems to be an attempt to get a free promotional ride on the coattails of the Ray Harryhausen name? Indirectly using his Legendhood Status for marketing of the remake (but not paying him?). If this is the case, then Uncle Ray who is most definitely alive & well, should get some compensation and maybe a piece of the royalties from the Titans remake . EDIT: 12.16.07

* Nostalgia Escape, Soul Food To Go .... I think, I'll be bland this week. I could tirade so much about , including society-culture, politics, world events, but screw it and I will maybe go into withdrawal mode; however, a minor irritant here: Just released, The Golden Compass = $180 million plus budget = OBSCENE. Where does all the Fugg'n money go? It is not only this movie but others too. I have said in the past, "I thought 'Puters (computers) were suppose to make the movie making process more efficient & streamlined". What a bunch of Bull Crap. Insane illogic that 'Suits' wastefully subscribe to, $More$, supposedly equals Better & Quality?? Just think, in a few months, I can have this Mega-Schmega Million $$$ movie in my hand on a piece of plastic disc (Dvd). But, I digress ....

Back to Simpler & Happier times. This is from a jazz vocal group The Manhattan Transfer and their song Soul Food To Go (1987-88), and later made into a music video (1990) using some Stop Motion puppet animation. The late Pete Kleinow animated this. I do not know who did the puppet fabrication & other aspects of it. No frame grabbers or computers. For you Karaokeans EDIT: 12.09.07

* 2D hand drawn animation by Osamu Tezuka ..... This regular blogging stuff not ever easy for me. Pressure (from you) to entertain you all. Figuring out what to put here and then writing it, which does not fluidly flow from my fingers. I seem to be having Blogger's Block™, so going off topic a little and spotlighting this very Hand Made 2D Animated creative work. There is MORE to LIFE than just computerized, too perfectionized, excess fluidity, hyper-realistic (sometimes sterile, dry, homogenized, etc) IMAGERY.

"Jumping (1984) is an animated short by Tezuka. From the point of view of a bouncing ball (or maybe, symbolic POV from a jumping child). The moving perspective was all drawn by hand. 'Jumping' won the Grand Prize at the 1984 Zagreb World Festival of Animated Films"
EDIT: 12.02.07


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