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December 2005

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* Taking Hiatus for the rest of 2005 year ..... While I am gone.... maybe the world will eventually become a better place, less taxes we have to pay, back to basics & values, less reliance on cell phones, a slower pace of life, not so materialistic. I must be nuts & dreaming . Perhaps if I escape to the farthest Australian outbacks and live off the fat of the land. Yeah, that's what I will do. No TV or radio ..... just my computer, and all my Stop Motion stuff and my briar and corncob pipes & fine imported tobacco and get me some loyal man's best friend dog companions and living in our solar powered studio/cabin .... and .....* DING!* .... my kitchen timer just went off (I had it set for five minutes). Oh well, maybe .... catch you next year .... 2006.

* Quick .... I have set my kitchen-cooking timer for about 20 minutes to be online and post/write this. Still busy & occupied with work and other real life stuff. Combining some quickie different comments/topics into one here. Hmmmm ..... by the time I am not busy, PJ's 'puterized 2005 Kong might already be on DVD. Heard reviewers & some at message board whine that Kong may be too long? Well .... frick you! I want my money's worth and to immerse myself into a movie. Who made it a rule that movies should be a certain running time? I have more criticism if a movie is too short .... which I thought Corpse Bride was. Maybe PJ or Suits should have theatrically released a shorter Kong and saved a longer Kong version for DVD. AnimateClay.com scored with some juicy news items. First .... the WETA recreated/restored 1933 Kong Spider Pit sequence is online (it's Flash movie format). Probably not copyright legal. IMO, the added Styracasaurus dino scene of it chasing the crew onto the log .... works "perfectly". That is what was really needed in the 1933 original. Merian C. Cooper messed-up there.The "re-created" spider pit sequence, however, did not seem to flow or integrate and too many close-ups of the Weta staff (who were acting as doubles / stand-ins). Just a brief long shot of the Kong expedition crew being devoured by the pit creatures would have been sufficient. This mini article-byte provides some minor info. Second news item ..... on Spanish TV, someone at Mckinnon & Saunders doing a brief demo of a Corpse Bride puppet head .... video is crude .... you somewhat see how it works but actually does not reveal much. Finally .... I am surprised that there was not much comment about Dan Anderson's little Stop Mo gem, he cranked out for Ain't It Cool News contest. Dan does very polished work. He applied his creative skills and did a little bit of his own Willis O'brien re-creation (QT format). BTW .... stupid, stupid insanely short time deadline for the contest (only a couple of weeks). They don't know "jack shite" about what it takes to do Stop Mo. Maybe StopMoShorts can host this piece (ask Dan) and maybe some tech info how it was done? Okay .... my timer went off. I have to bounce, split ... adios.

* "Man" does not live on Stop Motion alone ..... maybe Uncle Ray was one of the few privleged to get some regular income from it. Reminder to you all ..... I also have a straight joe-job (night shift hours) that pays on regular basis to cover my bills, rent, food, health benefits, etc.. It's been busy there because of the year end ritual all you mortals participate in . Also ... inprogress on a few small, commissioned side gigs. I haven't really looked at the plethora of back-logged email . Got to momentarily focus (as 'puters/internet can be a hook-distraction once you're online) and get over this hectic crunch period.

* Hmmm .... The PJ King Kong opened ..... no fricken time yet for me to do any leisure stuff or hear or read the buzz about the 'Puterized giant ape.

* Corpse Bride already coming to DVD? ..... Geez .... that's only about 3 months or so since CB was released in theaters? Look here for pre-ordering. Mainstream Suits need to think out of the box and get with it .... into the now & for future. Now I'm thinking, why even release a movie to theaters? Just go straight to DVD. Also .... you Suits .... DO NOT waste obscene mega-mega millions into production budgets. You know .... things CAN be done efficiently and cost-effectively. HIRE ME .... no so-called "experience" as producer, line producer (or whatever you call it) .... but I got tons of commonsense. I already posted this before but if you missed it ... In a losing race with the Zeitgeist. My comments here not about CB, but just "observating" about the general mainstream movie biz.

* Where is Anthony Scott? ..... It seems we have not heard from him too much recently. I emailed him some time ago and no reply which he usually does respond. Maybe he is working on a "secret" project?

Just occupied & busy here .... not much to ramble about. Everyone (& the ever more frenetic American pop culture-society) going into their ritual year end thing .... people suddenly contacting you (me) because of "holidays" .... but they previously ignored you all year or for years. My wisdom for you: Do not wait until special ocassions because we only have "today", as "tomorrow" .... may be too late. I could have just not posted here like some other bloggers do, and they neglect or dismiss "you" for awhile , but at least, I let you know .... "What's up!" EDIT: 12.08.05

* Already December .... "Bah ... fricken-humbug" .... everything moving too fast ..... unsettling times .... Life out of Balance Koyaanisqatski thing .... becoming reality. So different, not the same compared to my growing up years. I suppose .... evading the major cities and trying to shut-out the media bombardment & influence on our psyche, might help, to hide from this evolving madness. I don't know. There will be a day of reckoning for all this. Okay, no more (for now). Back to your regularly scheduled blog ....

* StopMoShorts board of directors on hiatus? Actually .... if they are (includes me, on the SMS staff) .... I don't blame them ..... they got personal lives and crap going on too! Those who point their fingers at us regulars and say to themselves .... Why we are not moving faster? Well, I say to you, "First take the beam out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly how to remove the splinter from your brother's eye". Do not be a hypocrite and also don't procrastinate. You doing any actual Stop Motion stuff? Quickly changing topic .... Eric Scott .... it's okay to do some shameless self promotion (no one else will do it for you). I'll shout it out here too ..... Brett Brother's & Jason Gottlieb's SMS Showcase section are up. I guess .... Nick Hilligoss and myself are next. Anybody else who has some Stop Mo stuff and experience are also most welcomed to be in SMS Showcase .... but you have to contribute ..... clips, pictures, do a little writing, etc.. .... subject to review & approval by our most esteemed SMS board of directors. So ..... get off your Arse and do something! End of Sermon Edit: Oops .... I see that Eric was shameless & did announce it.

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