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11-29-02: Article here, Prime Time Animation Isn't Dead – It's Just Moved, theorizes where the market for animation might be heading, perhaps more to cable TV where there is more niche audiences. Not Stop Motion specific but interesting analysis.

11-27-02: Was just broadcast tonight on the FOX TV network, The Bernie Mac Show, a ThanksGiving episode featuring some zany and wild stop motion scenes. Puppets were created by the Foam Puppet Queen, Kathi Zung !

11-14-02: Armaverse, suppliers of affordable modular ball-and-socket stop-motion animation armature kits and accessories, has just restructured their product line and are featuring new anatomically-accurate six-inch human figure.  Interchangeable parts of different sizes can be used to create an articulated skeleton of virtually any creature imaginable. 

11-08-02: Added Search Engine on this page. You can search Stop Motion Works or select the entire Web

11-02-02: A new magazine about Stop Motion ? SMW Mag

11-01-02: Updated my Links page about filming Stop Motion, specifically, the frame capture/grabbing tools that are available. At the links page click on .....
Filming your Stop Motion Animations



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