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* Another Euro (or non-USA) Stop Motionist , who I have not heard of but as I have commented before, many still practicing this animation craft on their own without much networking with other Stop Motion practioners. A Dutch native artist named Sjaak Meilink who seems to be mostly known for his short Stop Motion animated film Stiltwalkers Looks interesting. Wonder if anyone out here has seen it?

* Stop Motion or just general filmmaking, is all visual first , hence Storyboarding is a most efficient way to plan your movie. With animation, storyboards are an accepted practice. I suppose one can use something like Adobe's Premiere to do storyboards, but here is a storyboard software called BoardMaster which seems to be specialized for the task. You can do Animatics (a variation of story boarding) which will give you a better idea and advance preview of the timing & pacing of your film project. I could not find the price of this software but it is available as a trial download if you want to test it, and you can inquire about the cost.

* We are starting to hear the pronouncements by whoever, that 2D traditional animation is on its supposed death bed. As I have said often before, the microscopic Stop Motion field has always had a much, much more checkered history (and still does) in the mainstream biz. Disney selling off their traditional animation tables? That's the myopic Corporate Suits for you .... looking for the cash cow, as though the CGI label will automatically be the gateway to box office riches? This article Death of 2D: Rush to Judgment presents some good points about this, with a quick mention of Stop Motion.

* I think you may had heard about the movie Elf It will be making its debut in USA theatres, November 7. Here is a very brief sound byte about the special effects Elf Short On CGI It will have some minor Stop Motion effects. I have no knowledge whether it's going to be a good movie but it certainly is being hyped/promoted.

* This is somewhat related to my brief comment on 10.08.03 about artists/animators who are doing Stop Motion but seem to be doing their work secretly or do not seem to network or communicate with other Stop Motionists. Here is an example: A Stop Motion artist in New York City, who I have never heard of George Higham He has done a 20 minute Stop Motion animation piece based on Edgar A. Poe's poem, Annabel Lee which looks like it was done around 2001. His website is interesting with information and photos about his work. Sort-of, a stylized Euro Trnka-Svankmajer and Lovecraft/Clive Barker feel & look. Perhaps those of you that live on the East Coast are more familiar with George.

* Tim Burton is the man behind The Corpse Bride which is gearing up for full production in England. I have nothing against the talented Brits, but I just have a bit of sadness that CB it is not being shot here in the USA, where we also have many talented Stop Motion artists, animators, techs, craftspeople, etc.. We do not know the reasons why the UK was chosen, but perhaps the Euro media/entertainment/educational market over there is more accepting and appreciative of traditional Stop Motion (compared to mainstream biz here in USA), or, maybe it is more cost-effective to do it overseas? BTW, check out this link Tim Burton to host... He will be in Los Angeles area and attend the 10th Anniversary, Halloween season screening of The Nightmare Before Christmas at the El Capitain movie theater, October 16.

* Late breaking news and you probably already know .... Arnold will be Governor of the State of California (I Iive here). If so-called "experienced" politicians cannot do their jobs, I am for giving Arnold a chance. Hopefully, he will gather and consult with the best minds & advisers to help direct our State towards a positive direction. Soooo, let's see .... Arnold + Terminator = Stop Motion! The first original Terminator has always been one of my top favorite Sci-Fi films. Perhaps the special effects are not as slick as today's CGI sanitized works, but who gives a rat's pink butt. Again, I thought, was a great story with a touch of understated romantic chemistry between the loner & stoic Kyle Reese (from the future) who came back in time to primarily & finally meet Sarah Connor. If your browser can play midi music .... click on my Home page. I think .... I might put music on the Stop Motion Works page on a more regular basis and change it once in awhile for variety.

* New DVD release that includes both Robbie the Reindeer animations, Hooves of Fire and Legend of the Lost Tribe, created by the ever popular Aardman Studio. Hooves was first aired about ' 99 then Lost Tribe in '02. Very affordable to include in your reference library for some excellent character animation study. Here is link that will take you directly to this DVD at Amazon.com (USA)

* You know .... even though the Internet has somewhat brought together people from all over the world with a common passion for Stop Motion, it seems to still be fragmented. Many Stop Motion practioners perhaps still in their metaphorical closets doing this unique animation art/craft and they still may not even be aware of the SMA.com website or they do not feel like being more pro-active, vocal or sharing with other Stop Motion kindred spirits.This is not a negative criticism of them but only my personal observation. Seems ironic, perhaps due to computer technology (internet), that Stop Motion Animation is maybe somehow just barely surviving through the current & plethoric CGI bombardment.

* The Will Vinton verses Phil Knight feud has been going on for many months. We all know lawyers, legal system, courts, etc ..... endless appeals & delays (more cash for attorneys). In this case however, I think this might be the final chapter of this little drama here Judge throws out Vinton case. As for the future of Will Vinton ..... we don't know. With the new Vinton Studios, it is also hard to say if it can make a comeback in these harder economic and competitive dog-eat-dog times. Their biggest show under new ownership is their partnering with others in the all stop motion Tim Burton movie, The Corpse Bride, but that will almost be exclusively done overseas in England by mostly a Brit crew. I have always wondered to myself why over there? Vinton Studio's too expensive or what? Maybe Tim Burton just prefers working with the English? BTW, the new Vinton's website is mostly downloadable clips/samples of their past work. Dial-up connection (most of the world uses that) will not do it but if you are one of the elite few with broadband internet..... then enjoy.

* Some very sad news here. Ralph Cordero of Toxic Mom's Studio just contacted me about the unexpected & sudden death of his wife. As I already communicated with Ralph .... my sincerest heartfelt condolences goes out to him and his family. In memory of his wife, Ralph wrote this ....
Lisa Marie Cordero Memorium



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