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September  2008

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* 'StopMoShorts' now in my Possession ..... I now have the power to control all of 'Stop Mo-dom' . I recently received from Eric Scott, retired CEO from the departed StopMoShorts; hard copy discs of most of the StopMoShorts contents. Unfortunately, Eric does not get a retirement package & money bailouts that the crooked CEO's running the private finanicial institutions .... get. Also, I do not see any urgent investigation of, or accountability (for prosecution) by the scum-bag members of Congress who radically slacked-off on this. Son-of-a-Beeach basturds .  If I (aka me) do not pay my TAXES (or miss tax payments), BIG BROTHER GOV'T will prosecute me, throw me in jail, or make me go bankrupt. Legalized theft (entitlements, earmarks, etc.)

Oh sorry .... going off topic. The vicissitudes of 'life' still somewhat interfering and trying to get that in control by re-visiting an instituting a GTD aka Getting Things Done system/philosophy (too much to do, so little time). So, archiving and maybe something called The Best of StopMoShorts with the SMS Tutorials & Showcase, will be a priority, but it has to wait until other things get done (as per my PDA & Organizer/Scheduler ) and I will keep you updated. I am not the kind to say that I will 'specifically do something', and then never do it. Also, you cannot nail me about, "What about you LIO? When are you going to start showing your stuff??" I NEVER specifically stated that I had specific projects. I did allude to, that one of my 'goals' is to do online experimentation (tests), online show & tell, behind the scenes,etc.. I never gave an exact timeline about that. So, do not point your index fingers of accusation at me. Hey, did I go 'off topic' again?


* Three 'Internationally made Stop Motion Features ..... Unfortunately, you probably will not be seeing them at your local USA Cineplex. Tinsel Town 'Suits' thinks you're dumb and they determined these will NOT appeal to you? (also, not a mega-schmega cash cow for them). Hopefully, someday we will be able to watch & enjoy these Stop Motion movies via Satellite/Cable TV or maybe available in the future, on DVD.

First one is Edison & Leo which is Canadian made. My understanding is that the budget was limited but as usual with Stop Motion, we can do miracles with minimal resources. Looks like it has just been released at the 2008 Canadian Film Festival. To me, unusual that there is no Edison & Leo website?? Okay, I can understand limited budget with regards to general promotion & advertising but skimping on a fugg'n basic informational non-Flash heavy website?? In this age of marketing that is the cheapest way to start getting the word out. Here is the only clip that I could find. It's not that humorous and kind of dull. They could have showed better teasers. I don't even know what the storyline is. Some past E&L write-ups article 1 and 2

Then we got Mary and Max directed by Adam Elliot who is an Academy Award winner for Harvie Krumpet. Currently in post production and due for release in 2009. Mary and Max made in Melbourne Australia, filmed over 57 weeks. The large team of set and model builders, armature designers and sculptors have build over 1500 sets, props and characters. Expected 2009 release. Their website appears to have recently debuted and  looks like, 'in progress'. Suggest you look around. They have some behind the scenes, called webisodes but more like comedy sketches ala 'Office style". Hopefully you got mega high speed internet because it's a Flash heavy site Mary and Max

Finally, there is Earthworms a full feature stop motion from Brazil! Release date around 2010. Made for all ages, with focus primarily on the children’s audience, tells the story of Junior, an 11 year old boy-worm who is becoming a pre-teen and lives through a true adventure with his friends. AnimaKing is behind Earthworms and they say, is the largest largest Brazilian (Portuguese language) Studio in Stop Motion animation. They are located in the city of Florianopolis in the state of Santa Catarina. Being produced in another country & culture, the sensibilities & ambiance is refreshing and unique compared to the USA produced stuff. Earthworms website and 10 minute teaser sample!

Hmmm ..... since Stop Motion is considered old & backwards by the USA Hollywood 'Suits', maybe I will move to other countries, like Brazil, France, etc., and I will be more respected like Jerry Lewis?? EDIT: 09.21.08


Stop Motion Magic rising to fill the vacuum left by StopMoShorts? .... That will be up to you. This is suppose to be a COMMUNITY but I realize the introverted & closeted nature of many of you and your stubborness to 'out' yourself. Marc Spess has been most generous and volunteered to have Stop Motion Magic go through some possible aesthetic modifications and invited me to be one of the administrators and an advisor to Stop Motion Magic to help it feel more like HOME to 'you all' by modifying and tweaking SMM website design so that it has an ambiance & feel similar to Anthony Scott's Stop Motion messageboard/site and Stop Motion Works. BTW, Stop Motion Magic just started a Stikfas animation contest and Marc created/animated a professional looking ad promoting it

* Puppet Pushers Slow & Behind the Times ..... Already mentioned before, the reclusive personality types of Stop Mo people. You notice how behind we are with regards to communicating & interacting with each other? How long has YouTube been around and now the plethora of free video hosting venues, up the Wah-Zoo (or up the Yin-Yang) BUT most of the puppet pushers will not go in front of a video cam or some obsessive about not showing any pics of themselves? Hey, free choice how you want to interact or establish your relationship with everyone out here .

I guess, this is Stop Motion Works presenting This is your Life Marc Spess? He has been experimenting with doing online video segments. One way of course is to use a Webcam (YouTube anyone?). Another variation is using software that does 'live' video capture of whatever is on a computer screen. Marc recently started using such a program. You can hear him spontaneously talking about Stop Motion related matters while he's surfing the web or exploring software. I sometimes tirade about dependence on technology and that it is cold, but I have to admit, listening to him talk does strongly enhance and personalize the human factor. Sometimes on the internet, I get tired by the coldness & anonymity factor of just reading all the time. Sure, written text is one of the most powerful forms of communication but for me, I burnout sometimes relying on constant reading. Hmmmm .... Marc has maybe implanted the seed in me, to consider later possibility of doing online Video Blogs (called Vlog's?) especially with regards to my Stop Motion experiments, I sometimes ramble about . Check out samples of Marc's Video Blog's .... 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 How about you coming out of the darkness?


'Necronauts': A supposed project involving Uncle Ray? .... Have no idea if this is true. 'Necronauts' may or may not happen. They don't know if it's for big screen or TV. When you hear the phrase, 'in development' that is even more vague. Possibly just an idea in the file for the distant future (like the Furry Freak Brothers maybe??), after I'm pushing up daisies. Well, I throw it out here. Up to you, if you wish to dig up more info on 'Necronauts'. If you do, post it at messageboard, Ray Park & Ray Harryhausen Join ‘The Necronauts’  EDIT: 09.08.08

* Stop Motion with iPhone .... For all of you whose lives revolves around your cell phones. Thankfully, California recently enacted new law to prohibit cell phone to ear conversating while driving. For about 1-1/2 years, I have had a prepaid cell phone. It got very boring for me. All this preoccupation with cell phone toys. I hardly ever use it. Cost me only about $60. of prepaid minutes which last me a year (I'm not much of a phone yakker), verses your approximately $400.+ per year contractual plan!? Oh, back to topic. Some people have come out with an application that you can download to your iPhone (Apple product users even more fanatical!) and you can supposedly do Stop Motion with it. This review seems honest and they somewhat give it a thumbs down. For a small fee, companies should consult with me how to design good Stop Motion software in their products. Here is their website Watch it Change. Maybe simplistic or crude, but perhaps another minor way that could help 'Stop Motion' enter the general 'public consciousness'. EDIT: 09.07.08

Why CG? .... Don't know who the writer is but another interesting commentary about CGI excess. Written last year but still most relevant,The Martin Anderson column: CG-why P.S. No pretty thumbnail images embedded in SMW News here this week (no time)

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