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* Mark your calendar next month somewhere near September 14 or check you local TV listing. Oh Davey ... History of the 'Davey and Goliath' Television Series, a one hour documentary, will be broadcast on the ABC Television Network in the USA. Here at the Davey and Goliath website, you will find more details about the show and on the left page other links .... the Lutheran Church are doing some lobbying to the faithful, to bring back D&G.

* On the SMA message board, topics sometimes resurface regarding how hopeful we are that Stop Motion will live on in other venues or niche markets. We have mentioned the plethora of cable/satellite channels perhaps looking for some type of animated products. Here is a news item that could possibly be a showcase for some Stop Motion. There is a new cable channel called Spike TV which will be targeted towards the male testosteronized audience and coincidentally, the underground cultish, Spike & Mike Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation has the same name. Well, check this out .... Spike TV have signed a deal with Spike & Mike to showcase their past animation shown during the festivals, on TV as a series. This could include new animation. On broadcast TV, it might be better than internet/online which may have a more limited audience and puny/miniscule screen size viewing of movies, especially for many who do not have broadband connection. You may not get rich showing your Stop Motion on this TV series but could lead to other projects and looks good on your portfolio/resume? Also, a means to expose more Stop Motion to the general audiences. I do not think Spike TV is looking for Cutesy or Sesame St. type animation but something unique, raw or cutting edge stuff for the Dude Demographics market !
Added Note:
There is nothing wrong with the milder animation content for younger audiences. I am just guessing that Spike TV will be more into the harder stuff

* New site devoted to independent animation as announced by AWN .... for details. Then here is the website AnimWatch. I quickly went there ..... all CGI and I think Cel. If anyone has some good Stop Motion short or something maybe you can submit it. You have to contact them for details.

* A few new frame capture programs here. You Mac users are lucky as there seems to be slightly more available in Stop Motion for you guys (usually, PCs have more aftermarket programs). This company, Loud Incorporated, amazingly is offering three animation capture programs (only for Macs)... Stop Motion Studio at $45. and a free demo download is available (I posted this one before). Also, they have recently released Stop Motion Jr. at $35. (for the young/kids) and you can tryout a demo. Then they have this other new one Loud Animation Studio and they do not list the price but I think you can also download a tryout demo. These programs seem to have lots of features but I am not certain if they are comparable to Frame Thief or BTV Pro. This other animation capture program is being offered by Xow and according to their website, they are educator specialists. Their animation capture software is called Xipster (about $29.) and is for PCs & Macs and the most unique thing I like is, its especially user friendly designed for beginners or younger crowd. I visited their booth at Imagine Nation Expo. Also, their website offers the most online information about their product. As I find out more about Xipster, I will keep you posted. If you tryout any of these programs, feel free to email me about what you think of them.

Imagine Nation Expo, the aftermath.....
* Actually, I posted my comments about it at the SMA Message Board as this event might deserve a wider readership at the message boards. I took only a few photos at the expo. I am dead -tired .... came back from Vegas about 3 hours ago and I need to crash then go to my other straight graveyard shift job. I only took very few photos Imagine Nation '03

* What the heck is taking so long with the Wallace and Grommit movie? In past news posts here I reported that supposedly that production was already in progress but according to this news item it seems like it is now just starting? I know quality Stop Motion can take some time, but I am going to be an old man and in retirement by the time this Aardman movie comes out

* Imagine Nation Expo is happening this week. Your roving reporter spares no expense in digging up the nitty gritty Stop Motion News. I will be there.

* The Will Vinton verses Phil Knight drama continues. Here is the latest news about the lawsuit Vinton filed against Knight, now owner of the former Will Vinton Studios Nike Chief seeks Dismissal

* Today in the internet age, there is a little more information (than in the past) about the esoteric, ethereal, and arcane art & craft of Stop Motion Animation, however, it is all somewhat disjointed, disorganized and difficult for those just learning or wanting to study or pursue it as an avocation. Stop Motion is so much dependent on your actual artistic, crafting and manual dexteritous abilities in which these prerequisites, far exceed what is required for computer animation or drawn 2D animation. This possibly, one of many reasons why Stop Motion is not seen much in the mainstream. Just to difficult to assemble a crew on short notice for a stop motion production. The Studio "Suits" today are just too impatient to pump out the film product at hyper-speed levels. I get emails all the time asking me what is required to get into stop motion. Those very general email questions I sometimes ignore because they are not specific and they have not even attempted to look through my website (it is a small site). If you do not even have the self-motivation to take the time and do detailed research about Stop Motion, then you are not really Stop Motion material. Remember, not all information is free and there are variety of related reference books available. Click Library/Books. Some experienced Stop Motionists are even starting to teach at trade schools, colleges or offering workshops. This is something I have in mind to maybe offer seminars about the nitty gritty How-to technical aspects of Stop Motion.

* On the SMA Message Board we try to give verbal descriptions about the How-to and that does help, but as the ol' saying goes, pictures worth a thousand words. There are photos on some general websites websites primarily show moldmaking of a general nature, showing only rubber/silicone molding methods and not specifically related to Stop Motion puppet fabrication. As a teaser, here are a few LIO Armature-Mold Prep photos 1 - 2 - 3 showing a 4 legged armature being set-up in an Ultra-cal/Hard Gypsum mold (not silicone). It is amazing to me, on the entire internet, we still can not find photos like this except for maybe one Stop Motion "brother", down under in Australia, Nick Hilligoss, who has been generous to document the general Stop Motion puppet making process Nick H. Photo Album. I also had some photos on my site for awhile showing Molding a Dino. Of course, you can purchase some how-to videos related to special effects prosthetics/animatronics moldmaking. Like I said, if you are serious about all this, you should make a monetary investment in your education &understanding of Stop Motion. There is Kathi Zung's 101 Video, that deals specifically with Stop Motion and one way to make molds and do the foam latex rubber work.



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