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  JUNE 2009


* Fox-Aniboom Holiday Animation Challenge ..... In my view,  I would not want to rely on 'Contests' to make a living (to pay the bills) as they are not frequent. It is a also a game of 'chance/luck', and especially can be fiercely competitive (that's the showbiz world). Perhaps I would consider Contests as maybe, additional 'icing on the cake'. There are also Film Festivals which I do not necessarily the same as  'Contests'.  With Festivals, it is more about getting recognition or notariety, and part of marketing and promoting your work and grab attention of 'suits'. 

You may recall, that I mentioned 'Aniboom' in last month's SMW News. I posted a somewhat hard criticism by a certain person who shall remain anonymous who had some negative views about Aniboom.  I did not necessarily agree with that view. I did receive a response by Aniboom and I can tell you, I feel comfortable with them as they appear to have integrity and are sincere in the promotion of Animation. They not some other fly by night free video hosting websites. Aniboom in association with Fox are WALKING THE TALK when it comes to giving animation a boost to garner more public recognition (animation not just for the little kiddies) Check this out, Five Animation Finalist Winners will receive $5000. EACH, then the Top Winner will get an additonal $10,000. and possible deal with Fox. Hmmmm,  I would say that's some pretty good prizes. Fox-Aniboom Contest Info

* Mike Brent commentates on Harryhausen-esque Style Stop Mo ..... I was a little surprise of this recent editorial coming from Mr. Euro  All Puppet Stop Motionist aka 'Mikee' Brent. He provides some insightful observations and attempts to clarify more in depth, what Uncle Ray has commented in the past & present about the uniqueness of Stop Motion. With CGI, the hyper precision of the computer allows the digtially synthesized faked images to blend soooo perfectly into the 'live action', that it can become mundane, kind of homogenized, and therefore, LOSES that sense of wonderment, otherwordliness or fantasy qualities. Dream a little dream with me....fantasy element in late 80s & 90s stopmotion/gomotion

* $9.99 Director Tatia Rosentahal Speaks ..... A brief podcast interview with Tatia. I do not know about the 'Interviewer' as his questions are somewhat general that might not satisfy you, the hard core filmmaker artist animators . Anyway, Tatia responds well to the albiet cursory questions. Tatia Rosenthal on $9.99 - Fantasy Film Podcast Interview


* $100 Million plus to make 'Land of the Lost': Bombed at Box Office ..... Sounds familiar? 'Tinsel Town' SUITS with their myopic regurgitated formulas .... Do another FUGG'N REMAKE, hire some mega-high salaried actors, then overload with hyper-priced CGI special effects. Hollywood continually blowing their WADs on wannabie blockbusters. How many smaller more creative movies could have been made with $100 mil? Why 'Land of the Lost' couldn't find its way Review Meter Read last months 5-30-09 SMW News about 'Terminator Salvation'.

* Searching, researching, info sponging, etc.: www.bing.com ..... So we all know Google. I am not calling them a monopoly but they're mostly people's search engine choice. I sometimes wonder about one primary company Google, having a stranglehold on so much 'Private Data' and also their vast Satellite Geo Map services which can look into your backyard from outer space. Does Microsoft's Bing have Google running scared? Bookmark Bing.com as an alternative or back-up search engine.


* Stop-Mo-O-Rama Wannabee Mainstream Projects ..... Some buzz in the past and currently about some 'ALL puppet type' Stop Motion projects (not the creature effects Stop Mo) maybe making some small inroads into mainstream. Perhaps, a minor little trend happening with a few 'Suits' and/or directors who now are drawn to Stop Motion? IMO, if they have no expereince in this animation art form and are not fully aware of the  intricasies of actual Stop Motion production workflow, I sometimes think to myself, that they might contemplate switching to CGI. Stop Motion is not like  plug'n play CGI production which is more controlled and 'Suits' and/or Directors can make decisions by committee (constant changes). In my ocassional previous rants and cogent observations , I stated that doing mainstream Stop Mo project requires more ramp-up time because you can count on one hand, the miniscule number of Studios that can immediately take on, all-out big Stop Motion projects. If there are no Stop Mo studios available, then the 'Suit's' production people have to create one from scratch and they have to scour everywhere to recruit Stop Motion specific talent.  It is more consuming. I can sort of see it from the 'Suits' POV. It is just quicker to go CGI because there are a plethora of CGI specialist plug'n play boutique studios or crew. Of course, CGI is CGI and in my view, no matter what, CGI is slickified, more rehearsed/controlled, synthesized filtered through the computer. Stop Motion is photographic REAL. It is more raw, edgey, snappy, more of a live performance, etc.. It is DIFFERENT and audience can see, feel or sense the difference.

So, I am randomly posting the Stop Mo projects in the works (that I know of)  or on the backburner or in production. A Stop Mo version 'Lemony Snicket' sequel: Would you believe animation? & here. It looks like, a go-ahead with Jim Henson Company & Screen Novelties behind it 'Monster Safari' feature. Then as already reported in a previous SMW News, Tim Burton's all Stop Mo 'Frankenweenie' and his other live action 'Alice in Wonderland' will supposedly have some Stop Motion. Guillermo del Toro's has ambitious multiple Stop Mo flicks 'Pinocchio', 'Witches', and 'Born' (no recent 'Born' buzz). Here is Aardman Sony, Aardman plan two animated projects (one Stop Mo & other CGI). Then you got the secretive & news blacked-out unfinished still in production  'Fantastic Mr. Fox' from Wes Anderson. As for Laika Studio, no new Stop Motion project, firm go-ahead commitment from them. Then per SMW News byte last month, Cuppa Coffee Signs with Gotham Group but no specific projects and they're shopping around.

So, we will see if some of the projects will actually be Stop Motion. Will the 'Suits' have the courage to go against 'Tinsel Town' formulaic stuff, and pioneer & trailblaze in another exciting animation form, or will they wimp-out and switch to the same ol', same ol' CGI? An example, Lumenas Studio in state of Utah (USA) for years buzzing about 'Legend of Santa Claus' feature as 'Stop Motion', but through the grapevine I hear they have switched and it will now be CGI. Sure, it would be 'nice' if Stop Motion was considered more in mainstream and maybe some chance for the 'ALL-puppet Stop Mo variety' (unfortunately, not creature effects), but as I have many times stated, "Do not look to mainstream Tinsel Town for Stop Motion's popularity or its survival". You Suits out there, you can always contact me if you're looking for Stop Motion talent, crew, leads, etc.

*  JUNE SMW Random Cinema:

No orgasmia CGI special effects. 'Tinsel Town' NEEDS reminder in Foundations of
Cinematic Storytelling 'An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge (1962)'  - About


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