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April 2007

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* AFTERMATH: Stop-Mo Expo '07.... So, according to Serious Bender (aka Travis), he thinks that Larry Loc (the Stop Mo Expo organizer) maybe has soured on and will not do any future Stop Motion events? Well, I hope not. Here is Ryan Ball's version/summary, Joe's Meet Pros at Stop Mo

Stop Motion is a solitary practice (like it has always been) and maybe not as conducive to networking because you all tend to be closeted & lip-zipped . IMO, this Expo perhaps, could have been better promoted with more advance preparation & time. Also, personal invititations to potential vendors to set-up booths/tables would have enhanced it. I can think of a few who could have had booths there. I know, I know, it is difficult to pull these things off, especially with minimal staff or people unwilling to volunteer. Jeff Taylor gave up on Imagine Nation Expo (in Las Vegas) after 3 years, in which he invested his own money with some partners. To draw a crowd, Jeff combined Special FX and the Action/Fantasy figure model kits attractions, and then supplemented the Expo event with Stop Motion. They had tables/booths for variety of vendors (not just Stop Mo). Just IMO, but perhaps, Stop Motion "gatherings/events" maybe works out better if they are small, informal & underground-type rendevous? I recall Justin Kohn did have something like this at his house some years ago.

A positive unexpected side benefit from the Asifa Stop Mo Expo; a Documentary might be in the works, to be spearheaded by John Ikuma (no website yet) & also Misha Klein. John was at the Expo, and shot some quick videos & interviews to be posted in short 10 minute segments on YouTube (& maybe StopMoShorts). Here is Opening video clip. John's documentary will be another separate project and will focus on Stop Motion as an Underground Art-Craft movement, which is a good theme & approach, because historically, and also, as you all know, how I tiraded so many times (to you silent lurkers), tapping into my perceptive observational powers ; that is the nature of Stop Motion; very up & down and it lives in a fragile state of existence. Stop Motion mostly shunned by mainstream suits. Stop Mo is a culture & production method, foreign to "them"; it is more organic & NOT as controllable like 2D & CGI. Perhaps, Stop Motion's slow renaissance comeback, has been energized by the moderm high tech methods of communication, distribution & marketing thanks to the Wonders of the Internet, and also, especially cost-effective and accessible production tools now available (cameras & software). Tinsel Town Suits, are NOT Gate Keepers anymore, or choosing for you and shoving down your throat; what "they think", you should be entertained by. Addendum: Informative overview of Stop Mo event from Shelly Noble Blog. Good writing; elucidating her views with some degree of calmness. No loud Tirading-Ranting, like 'others' Edit 04.29.07

* FAST Takes: MTV on CGI, Clash of Titans Remake (maybe), USA Creature Comforts .... To us, this is not new; 'mainstream' are myopic & slow but maybe recognizing it CGI Effects Better Than Old-Fashioned Movie Magic? .... As usual, Sequel-itis or Remake-o-tosis from Tinsel Town ; no originality or fresh product Kasdan Remakes Clash Of The Titans & This Link .... June 4 on the American CBS television network, the Yankee version of the UK Aardman's Creature Comforts will debut CBS Uncages Creature Comforts & CreatureComforts.TV

* Make plans NOW: Stop Motion Expo Next Week .... Giving this another plug. Look dudes & dudettes, Randall William Cook is schedule to be there. Lord of the Rings, Academy Award™ winner. His background & creative roots includes Hyper-Harryhausen™ style Stop Motion; way before all this CGI excess. The Chiodo Brothers will be there too; unsung heroes to the general public. Their core foundation is traditional special effects, including puppetry, animatronics & especially Stop Motion (Chiodo's Reel). Many other guests too. As I stated before, I am not sure if I can make it down there. April seems like a bad month for me. Things & stuff seem to be piling up and I am pissed . Why the Fugg did all this crunch period have to be in April? Here is updated Stop-Mo Expo (WoodBury University / Burbank, CA ) info at messageboard.

* Spreading the Gospel: Stop Motion .... We have a few out there but not enough maybe, as per my plethora of past tirades. Do not assume or get too comfortable about Stop Motion. Its survival in mainstream is sporadic & insecure. However, perhaps you need not worry; other venues, markets or outlets may be a niche for Stop Motion. I already rambled many times before. Our man, Dan 'Animation Daddy' Anderson, in his own quiet but effective way, single handly 'covering' the North East USA as one of the Stop Motion Apostles . He recently gave a talk at Kent State University. Check it out, Animator Talks Technique

I mentioned Dan's project last month and worth mentioning again, The Magic Candles. A recent behind the scenes topic of Dan's work on a Stop Mo commercial. Also see AnimationDaddy @ YouTube and StopMoShorts Edit 04.14.07

* Stop Motion Expo, April 21, 2007.... Geeeez, this really needs more promotion and I have not heard too much buzz about this elsewhere. I did announce this event recently and at forum. What happen to all you supposed passionate Stop Motionists especially those with website blogs? Why don't you promote this or post link or banner? Apathy, I sometimes feel out there. Anthony Scott, do you have an announcement about this? I think, the Stop Mo Expo people should have hired me as their publicist. Look at this: Animation Magazine announced it but they did not even include a direct, link the Expo page. What the Fugg? Not very to effective article for 'informing' .

Fortunately, for some of you who earn your income in the 'Creative' work area, perhaps you have a more flexible schedule and might be able to attend? Those of us with 'straight' 9 to 5 employment; we, do not always have that luxury of randomly taking 'time off'. I do not know if I can go but you can perhaps "represent" and take plenty of pics & videos to share with us?

* Withdrawing into my Cave? .... Like everyone else, I also, might as well go the minimalist way and cut-back on my keyboarding verbosity. I, alone, cannot bear the burden of always prodding you all, to come out of your Stop Motion "closets". However, there are 'some' of you, that do chat it up at your blogs or message board and do contribute! If you have a website or blog and do not update it somewhat regularly, or mostly ignore it; you can be sure that the online visitors will soon feel the staleness & abandonment. Stop Motion needs to have its gossip, buzz, and talking it up. This is called marketing & promoting "Stop Motion product". If not done, then Stop Motion will only exist in a black hole vacuum. Stop Motion especially, has historically always had a fragile existence, and requires much more attention, i.e., "Constant Vigilance" Edit: 04.08.07

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