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March 2010


* Wall-E Meets Michael Jackson .... Stop motion made from Toy Figures .... Wall-E Meets Michael Jackson   The Making Of   Reckless Abandonment Pics 


* Uncle Ray's 90th B.D.: Where is Speilberg, Lucas, Cameron, P. Jackson, etc? .... All those mega-millions of cash that flows in the movie business. Any tribute by them or recognition of the STOP MOTION ICON who inspired many of today's special effects people? Like maybe 'walk the talk' and really honor him? I got inside information that various of the original stop motion puppets in the Harryhausen collection are falling apart and needs restoration. A 'Foundation' has been around for years and accepts donations. Or how about professionals in puppet construction special effects to perhaps consider contributing their services? I am guessing the stop motion puppets are likely of latex rubber composition and rotting. In my view it would might be a messy restoration attempting to restore the original puppets. I heard some ideas, like re-sculpting the rotted out parts of puppet, then generate copy by traditional molding or computer scanning to create molds .... then re-cast the puppets over armatures but using modern long lasting silicone material. If you want to help The Ray & Diana Harryhausen Foundation & direct contact ..... Uncle Ray turns '90 Golden Years' June 29, 2010

* Harry Hamlin Revisits 'Clash of the Titans' .... The actor who played the role of 'Perseus' 29 years ago. Reveals some interesting behind the scenes including how he caused Uncle Ray to get angry! Read  Here's another related On the Set of Clash of the Titans and last minute rush by WB studio converting C.O.T. to fake 3D

* Fantastic Mr Fox interview: Ian McKinnon, Andy Biddle & Andy Ghent .... A little bit of revelation about the puppet designing & fabrication Read

* Tim Burton buzz: 'The Adams Family' in Stop Mo & 3D Stereo ....  You probably already know about it but posting here for those that do not frequent the Stop Mo message board. I suppose this is good for Stop Motion but not sure about another 'retake' on 'The Adam's Family'? Maybe the 'Suits' going by their formulas, want  something that has a somewhat  'brand recognizalbe name' for marketability to the the LCD masses.Tinsel Town usually not taking chances with originality and they hustle Flick products to  the Video Gamer, A.D.D., Ipodified, Twitterized generation Article 1  Article 2  TIM BURTON DENIES EDIT: 03.19.10 

* A Little Late after 'St. Patricks Day' ....  but if you're interested Watch

* From the Stop Motion Works editor's desk .... Just recognizing the minority few who ocassionally provide me with links, buzz, rumors, articles, etc. I appreciate it very much. At times you may not see what you submitted here. Please do not take it personally. Various factors, such as 'timing' of what is current, or the buzz/story might have been already covered, or if you provide date/time sensitive announcements, you need to get that in a few weeks in advance. Also, these days, I am habitating more in my Fortress of Solitude and pondering the state of the nation, society & world events , and so, I am not as 'Omni-present' active here or at the messageboard. However, this absence also enhances my 'Enigmatic-ness & Mysteriousness' . I see other's though, carrying the torch at the forum. In addition, I am doing some minor outside 'get involved & don't just sit on your butt' activism to help the USA Ship  stay 'afloat' a little longer .... but I digress. Again, thanks to you few who provide feedback or info to SMW. As always, I guarantee your anonymity EDIT: 03.19.10 

* March SMW Random Cinema:  

> In the works. Appears fresh, original, interesting, ambitious, and not mainstream but for the niche art-house deep thinker crowds. Stop Mo & 3D Stereo. Chopin Project: The Flying Machine  brief info  facebook 


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