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January 2010


* Stop Motion is Alive & Well in Connecticut USA ..... As you have just watched at SMW Random Cinema (above), my eclectically gifted Stop Mo buddy, Dan Anderson has had a long time passion with Stop Motion.This is not his only talents. He runs his own studio offering services for all manner of media: Entertainment, advertising, communications, etc..

Back in the StopMoShorts days (before the existence of YouTube) Dan and some other artists had  a 'Showcase' page. It was sort of a mini-portfolio.  StopMoShorts closed its doors back in mid-2008 but many of the SMS pages have been archived at Archive.org. I was recently 'spying' around there and after numerous attempts, I was able to download some of the archived SMS pages and found Dan Anderson's SMS Showcase page. Archive.org has hellishly slow servers (or they're too cheap to upgrade?) and one has to try many times to get the archived pages to download. Let us revisit & reminisce and return to the good simpler days (because the troubling times of 'today', sucks). I was able to retrieve almost all of Dan Anderson SMS Showcase page (from Archive.org) and I semi-recreated it StopMoShorts: Attack of the ID Monster. You can see Dan's fan tribute to the 1956 classic, Forbidden Planet. Dan's been quiet on the Messageboards for a very long while but I can guess that he is occupied with the 'vicissitudes of life' and paying the rent, bills, family responsibilities, etc..  Producers, Ad Agencies, and Studios, check out Dan's Animation Daddy Studios website. Mega loads of frigg'n TALENT back there in Connecticut!


* SuperBattle: Episode 1 ..... Announcement just out that Animator & Director, Ethan Marak is ready to unleash his all Stop Motion animated 'epic' short onto the public, called SuperBattle. I am astounded at Ethan's patience. Inbetween moves to different cities and his other jobs, he's had the astounding perseverance to pursue this goal. He also had to put up with me, as my own schedule, such as my own regular  'joe-job' (that pays the rent/bills), 'life', and my ocassional mental funk periods, caused me delays in completing the custom designed Stop Motion armature for one of his main characters, Brawl Magnet. If I was him, I would have been 'pissed off' at me! Nevertheless, Ethan was always cool, calm & easy-going. The WAIT was worth it. Very high quality production values! Check-out Ethan's website, which has loads of behind the scenes pics SuperBattle: Episode 1  A big thumbs up to Ethan and his crew

ZonMotion: Free & Simple MAC Stop Motion Software ..... If you use Mac 'puters, this is very bare bones Stop Motion frame grabber but I assume it does the job, so, do not complain. It's FREE. Here is description, "ZonMotion is lightweight application to do Stop Motion animations and Time Lapse recordings. With it you will be able to do Stop Motion captures easily thanks to the overlay option, and do no-brainer Time Lapses with almost zero configuration." I do not use Macs but I have heard that Apple's OS can have compatibiltiy with webcams? If that is true, how stupid is that for a high end company such as Apple, that it cannot handle basic simple webcams?  Anyway, here is link to ZonMotion. Also, there's another website that says if you have problems with webcams not working with Macs, they suppose to have drivers to make them work Macam. I'm also thinking, if you are 'Budget Poor' maybe ZonMotion can be used in conjunction with your Digital Still Camera as a 'Preview' stop motion capture tool to check your animation movements?  If you experiment with it, feel free to let me know if it works for you.

* January SMW Random Cinema:  

> Attack of the ID Monster by Dan Anderson. A fan created tribute
 to the classic Forbidden Planet (1956) 

> Gumby creator, ART CLOKEY  1921- 2010 ....Gumby Dharma   Music video  Website


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