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BEFORE all this current and mentally draining Social Schmocial Media Up the WAZOO ... 
places like this existed including the now defunct, old YAHOO GROUPS, were an online
community to meet & discuss with others that have similar intertests.


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Animator's Ring
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Any website can apply to join an existing Net Ring. Peruse our Ring Directory of current member rings, all organized by subject, and select a Net Ring or Rings appropriate for your web site. Just click on the Join link beside the ring's Directory listing and fill out the form presented. Remember, you can be a member of more than one Net Ring at a time!

Animators Web Ring is for 2D and 3D animators. This can cover all mediums, from Stop Motion-Puppet to Classical Drawn-Cel methods, CGI animation and all shades of grey inbetween (combined/mixed media). Animation is a Universal Language, so whether you are from Germany, France, Spanish speaking countries, etc. ....everyone is invited! This ring has all talent levels .....some who have worked on professional Film or TV projects, animation students and also self taught animators. So, if you qualify to be a member of Animator's WebRing .... please join and network with other like-minded animators!

To join the Ring: You must have done original animations or some kind of work in the animation field whether working on professional projects or your own independent work. Animation styles of that includes.....Cel-Drawn 2D, Cut-Out Animation, Stop Motion-Puppet, Clay Animation and Computer methods. If you support animation in some way, such as services, equipment, suppliers, etc. .... you are also welcomed to join! NO GIF ANIMATION .... SORRY .... PLENTY OF OTHER WEBRINGS FOR THAT.

  • You click this link:  become a member and fill in the information at the online application form
  • You will receive a notification email, with your Ring ID name, ID Number, Password, and a special custom personalized HTML code that is automatically generated for your website
  • To complete membership in the Ring, you MUST DISPLAY this LINK/CODE on your website or blogging page. Either you or your webmaster need to insert the ANIMATORS RING LINK on page you submitted.
  • After the Animators Ring HTML link- code is placed on your website page,  Animator's Ring  will automatically detect an  you will be moved into the RING as official member. 

WEBSITE PAGE that you submitted. The text link will look like this:

You are not a Ring Member, UNTIL you have done this. This is the HTML CODE (shown below) to INSERT on your website or blogger page:

<CENTER><A href="http://www.ringsurf.com/ring/animators/">Animator's Ring</A><BR><A href="http://www.ringsurf.com">Powered By Ringsurf</A></CENTER>

NOTE:  With FIREFOX BROWSER, you might have trouble SIGNING UP or LOGGING in to your ANIMATORS RING  account. If there is an issue, try using INTERNET EXPLORER or another browser to SIGN-UP JOIN.

Demonstrate solidarity and support your Animation brothers and sisters! Did I forget to say ..... that all this is FREE?? You have nothing to lose and perhaps more to gain by letting others know that you support the Animation Art & Craft.





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