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UPDATE - Okay ... after about 20 plus years with this microscopic website being in the internet space, I finally did some minor patch work & fixing. I'll preserve this as a vintage time capsule of past methods & techniques related to stop motion. There is still some relevant information but some are out dated. Resources Links to other site may not work. Because Stop Motion Works is an older designed website ... if you are looking at this website on your Smart Phone ... it will be difficult to view. You might have to rotate your phone into landscape mode, then Stop Motion Works might be somewhat Viewable & Readable.

Plenty of cringe factor for me, seeing what I wrote years ago ... 'me rambling about me' !  I now say ... WHO CARES about my Bio and past ... LOL! So, I am going to re-edit this Page 1 'About' and maybe be more concise.



I had a straight 9-5 job as a dental laboratory technician up until about 1987. My mom passed away at that time. I was taking care of her during her illness. After she departed ... I quit my job. I had a long time interest in stop motion. The rarest thing and almost a miracle happened... a new Gumby TV Clay Animation series Lionel Orozo - photowas starting in the San Francisco bay area. I audition for a stop motion animator position. Many who worked on Gumby did not have much experienced but we were hired anyway ... so we learned very fast ... it was a situation of 'sink or swim'! That was the beginnings of my stop motion animation work.  

After the Gumby gig, I did some freelancing, then about the late 1990's, this kind of animation work started dying. I had to pay rent & bills. I went to a job that was 'steady & reliable' returning to the 9-5 gig and I have been doing that straight work for about 20 plus years and now it is the year 2023. In those later years, I occassionally did some freelance commission in the evenings while working my other job during day.  



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