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‘War of the Worlds -The True Story’

June 25, 2013

Some time ago, followers of SMW have known that we spotlighted an Indie Pendragon Pictures War of the Worlds back in 2005, released in the same year as the Spielberg/Tom Cruise mega-schmega million W.o.W. version. Tim Hines was director of the 2005 Pendragon War of Worlds. The audience reception of it was poor and the all Cgi special effects elements of somewhat inferior quality. I am not sure if the Hines W.o.W ‘05 version is still available or maybe has now achieved some sort of underground cult status? However, something kind of unique. Tim Hines, I believe is a partner in Pendragon Pictures and he decided to try another take on it and now we have a re-make of sorts, of his own original 2005 movie! ‘War of the Worlds: The True Story‘ premise is based on a last surviving human witness of the Martian invasion on earth in the early 1900s, and his re-telling the story. It has similar plot ring as the Harryhausen ‘First Men in the Moon‘ classic. The True Story version is told in a somewhat documentary style.

It is my understanding , according to Director Tim Hines, the tripod legged striding war machines are a combination of Stop Motion for the distant shots where the entire war machines were visible including the legs in motion, and for the closeup shots of the war machine head, it was cable puppetry control. The glimpses of the Martian Alien was also cable operated puppetry. A little bit of the promo at the website suggests that W.o.W. True Story was an 85th Oscar competitor? Or perhaps, if you submit application to the Academy, that makes you indirectly a contender? The real model/miniature martian war machine shots were digitally composited & blended into early & actual old, early 1900 war documentry film clips.  On the Dvd, someone told me that there was some behind the scenes but not in-depth. I do not know if the rental video streaming version has any behind the scenes featurette.

Below, is the original Pendragon Pictures – ‘War of the Worlds’ (2005)

LINKS: Youtube ChannelOfficial WebsiteVimeo $3.99 rental

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