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‘DOGONAUTS: Enemy Line’ – Home-brewed 3D Stop Motion short

May 3, 2013

I usually, do not do much ‘crowd-funding’ projects promotion at SMW News here EXCEPT for projects by friends or colleagues who I know, or if someone I do not know, but has unique or interesting project. Here is one that complies with the exception rule! ;)

Justin Rasch and Shel Rasch for around 8+ years, have been doing independent Stop Motion Animation. As parents, they juggle family life and ‘pay the rent/bills’ other employment, while still trying to squeeze-in their passion for Stop Motion. In-between real world Life, they have been working off & on for about 4 years on their animated short, titled, ‘DOGONAUTS: Enemy Line‘. Believe it or not, they shot this stop motion in 3D! So if you’re the sort that likes 3D, that is an option for you to watch Dogonauts.

Actual animation is ALL Finished. The additional funds is for completing post-production elements. This project was entirely home-brewed in their home & garage with friends & their family volunteering with hands-on help visiting their home studio/shop. They originally had a large backer for this project but something went amiss. Any size contribution and remember small donations just as helpful! Also, moral support helps, positive comments, sharing their project on your blogs, facebook, twitter, etc. Many have volunteered & worked on Dogonauts … for them, this project should be completed!

Justin experienced in computer CGI animation, however keyboard animation is very different from Stop Motion, specifically with regards to the tactile hands on, real creation of much of the animated and/or visual elements. Through trial & error he is very much self-taught in Stop Motion. Both he and Shel have learned ‘on the job’. She is like a producer, model & puppet maker, editor feedback advisor, organizer, etc. I could ramble on, but Justin & Shel have documented so much of their past & current creative work online … inprogress updates on projects and behind the scenes. In some of the videos of them, they have a humble quality (no big egos) with relaxing personalities (but disciplined taskers!) … very real people, creative artists who enjoy sharing their kind-of compulsive LUV for the Art & Craft of Stop Motion Animation.

Here is the place to go to – ‘Dogonauts: Enemy Line’ @ Kickstarter

Justin and Shel’s previous project, ‘Gerald’s Last Day‘ completed in 2009 … winner of numerous awards during its Film Festival Tour.

LINKS: Dogonauts @ FacebookJustin’s BlogJustin & Shel Youtube ChannelMeet Justin & Shel Part 1 Part 2Gerald’s Last Day

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One Response to “‘DOGONAUTS: Enemy Line’ – Home-brewed 3D Stop Motion short”

  1. Ron Cole says:

    Yeah okay I’ll admit it, I’m a fanboy. :D


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