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2013 Oscars – Stop Motion Animation SHUNNED

February 25, 2013

I have not watched the Hollywood Academy Awards fest for a long time (years). I mostly read the aftermath of that event. So, during 2012 we had three mainstream Stop Motion features Paranorman, Frankenweenie, & Pirates Band of Misfits, and ‘Tinsel Town Mr. Oscar Awards‘ just crapped on all of them?? Sorry for abrupt language. This is why I do NOT look to ‘mainstream movie biz’ as an indicator of Stop Motion popularity. I know that many of you do judge Stop Motion success only by what mainstream does. Do not do that! IMO, Stop Motion has a ‘life’ in the independent market and in other distribution outlets, for niche audiences seeking options and variety in entertainment choices. I am guessing the mainstream ‘Suits’ may unfortunately JUDGE Stop Motion success or failure merely because of the the Oscars results.. Let’s hope not.

And another thing …. since I’m on a minor rant roll! Who’s idea was it, to release 3 STOP MOTION feature ALL in the SAME YEAR? What you ’suits’ have done, is “Prematurely blown your Stop Motion WAD!” If I were the all powerful, strategically, a Stop Motion feature should be released ONCE A YEAR so that ‘we’ can have at least ONE Stop Motion feature to enter each of the Academy Awards. Since we have exhausted all our ‘Stop Motion cache’ in one year, for the next 3 years plus there will be no major Stop Motion features. The public will again by inundated by MORE CGI brainwashing. Next time ‘Suits’, you get together at a meeting and PLAN these Stop Motion feature releases. Do not do it all in the same fricken year! :x

I do not have anything much else to say or post here …. no pictures, no videos, except for this brief sound-byte by a blogger ….

Oscar watch: Don’t care if ‘Brave’ won, still not a fan

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5 Responses to “2013 Oscars – Stop Motion Animation SHUNNED”

  1. Anonymon says:

    Speaking of which, if you go on Brave’s IMDB board, there are a whole list of angry people who didn’t like it winning.

    The Oscars are a bunch of out-of-touch people who like to reward “safe” films, much of the time. If anything, not winning Best Animated Picture establishes that it’s unconventional and “edgy”, thus dividing Oscar voters.
    Citizen Cane lost best picture. I guess it wasn’t soapy enough.

  2. Anonymon says:

    I actually disagree with Lio. Sure it’s sad that none of the stopmo movies won, but they were all NOMINATED. Also the fact that there are three stopmotion films in one year is exciting. The truth is that Pixar will win every year, unless they misfire like the Cars movies. The reason Wallace and Gromit won was because Pixar wasn’t there to compete against it. And people love the movies that don’t win. The Academy likes familiar companies and often shuns anything of a fantasy nature.

    And if anything, the Oscar award will draw more criticism in for Brave, not less. Around the World in 80 Days (the original) is practically condemned for winning Best Picture. Sure, there are better films, but it would probably be receiving less harsh reactions if it didn’t get the golden statue.

  3. sasquatch says:

    True Lio (post election sense of doom).
    Maybe Sinbad will win next year for visual effects! No? some over saturated CGI extravaganza? with a 200 million $ budget?
    You know, I was just thinking the other day about a new category that the “Acamemy” should have; it would be
    The; “WHO DID THE MOST WITH THE LEAST” film-making genius award. It would be so much more interesting than watching all these “A listers” pat each other on the back while Mrs. Obama tries to pretend she’s one of THEM! What the…??? was that…??? Shows you how political and sickening the whole Hollywood BIG movie scene has become…Oh remarkable, they made an impressive movie with the budget of a small country? WOW! Here’s a statue,
    Now go worship it, if you have any energy after worshiping yourself…You don’t know rant Lio!
    uh hemmm…
    Now, what was I doing?…

  4. LIO says:

    There is like a deathly silence from Stop Motion community? I am guessing … maybe in momentary state of shock being rejected by golden statue dude, having preference for the almighty CGI dark force. Almost similar to that ‘dark feeling’ after the post November ‘12 election here in the USA ;)

  5. Ron Cole says:

    I wrote a comment about this travesty on a thread on LinkedIn last night… which I promptly deleted because I was (shall we say) ‘passionately worded’. My mood is no better today. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!! :x


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