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This is ‘Spectral Motion’ (not Stop Motion)

January 28, 2013

An innovative, fresh, creative, and ‘thinking out of the box’ special effects character-creature studio known as Spectral Motion, with HEAVY EMPHASIS on the real world tactile (not cgi simulated), created by highly talented and skilled artists, craftspeople’s, & technician’s HANDS, using materials and methods such as metals, rubber, plastics, clay, wood, cable, electronics, radio controlled, etc.. I consider those in the special effects field doing miniatures, models, live character puppetry, make-up effects, and other related … as ‘kissing cousins‘ to Stop Motion. WE are all in the struggle with the constant onslaught & worldwide takeover by the CGI forces out there ;) … although stop motion has always had more of a struggle.

LINKS: Interview with Mike Elizalde (Spectral Motion head honcho) – More quick behind scenes link 1 & link 2Spectral Motion website & Facebook

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7 Responses to “This is ‘Spectral Motion’ (not Stop Motion)”

  1. Chris .AKA Ravenstar says:

    Wow , big thanks for sharing. As a sculptor i turly appriacate it.

  2. sasquatch says:

    Woah, seems like us stop mo. creature fx dudes are hanging out here more than at stop mo.com lately. Seems like That’s really all about the puppet films mostly anymore. Maybe I’ll go post somethig…err…ehh…

  3. Ron Cole says:

    Truly phenomenal work, makes me really miss working on live action puppets! :D

  4. sasquatch says:

    Hey you guys should check out “FACE OFF” on Tuesday nights on the sci-fi network.
    Very enjoyable television, And shows that they (Hollywood) seem to really want to nurture monster make-up artists still.

  5. Brian O says:

    This is why I’m interested in the haunt/haunted house industry. There are a number of companies that are doing fantastic work not unlike pre-digital special effects. The design work is wonderful, the electronic and pneumatic work clever with the final result quite impressive. The real-time response from the “audience” in a haunt attraction is a real thrill.

  6. Peter A. Montgomery says:

    Outstanding to say the least.

  7. Dave Hettmer says:

    Spectral Motion’s work is top notch. It was such a disappointment in the Hellboy films when they went to monsters that were totally CG, because the Spectral beasts were real.


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