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Going ‘gah-gah’ over 3D Printed ‘Bears on Stairs’?

April 16, 2014

This has somewhat, minimally gone viral and why then why am I posting this? I actually do not want to promote this! Here are some examples of the praises in the web-o-sphere … ‘… heart warming short‘, ‘bear on stairs, no cgi’, ‘amazing’, ’smooth’, etc..

A media created supposed excitement over 56 seconds of 3D PRINTED parts photographed in sequence? This ol classic technique is called ‘replacement animation’. It appears most of it done in the computer including the animation movement-cycles, then, 3D Printed. Oh hum …YAWN.

As usual today, the short attention span & memory of the masses/peoples! :x Specifically in the animation area, minimal appreciation by the mouse clickers, about the history & roots of animation. IMO, this simple 3D bear cycle animation is so ’so-so’and nothing unique or fresh, compared to what George Pal and his artists-craftsmen have done in earlier cinema … hand crafted animation (replacement method). Watch and LEARN from artists of the past … what is supposedly New today, is not always so ….

George Pal Documentary (1984, 40 min)

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Mickey Rooney (1920-2014) ‘Stop Motion connection’

April 7, 2014

I do not ‘follow’ the acting profession or specific actors. My interest is maybe general, such as if actor does good or bad performance, passed away, or if the ‘celebrity’ made some kind of impact on popular culture. Here is one … a actor-celebrity from the early days of ‘Hollywood’ but still did some acting work up to his more advanced senior age, Mickey Rooney just past away at 93 years.

I am guessing that Mickey Rooney (as actor) might be known to the Baby-Boomers. Many may not be aware that he did the character voice of Kris Kringle aka Santa Claus in the Rankin-Bass puppet stop motion animated holiday classics. His voice work appeared in … Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (1970), The Year Without a Santa Claus (1974), Rudolph and Frosty’s Christmas in July (1979), A Miser Brothers’ Christmas (2008)

Kris Kringle/young Santa (Mickey Rooney) & Snow Miser (Keenan Wynn)
‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’ (1970)

UPDATE – Corrected previous date error to 1920-2014

LINKS: International Santa Claus Hall of Fame Charter MemberVariety mag – Mickey Rooney

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Ch’lonii – gnomo bestia (troll beast)

March 27, 2014

This other one dating back to 1995 re-discovered in my archives. Because of my poor memory I completely forgot that I had also designed detailed stop motion armature schematics for this. This stop motion puppet would have been about 11.25 inches (28.6 centimeters) tall. In the otherworldly of the surreal if it existed with ‘real humans’, the creature would be about 12 feet (3.65 meters) in height.

I did not have any specific name but always thought it had some very minor resemblance to the head  or the eye area features of a ‘Turtle’ and I sometimes referred to it as ‘El Tortuga Monstruo’ (The Turtle Beast) then later changed it to Ch’llonii – gnomo bestia (troll beast).

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‘Bulltherian Proboscedia’ – New giant animal species discovered

March 17, 2014

“Lives in a remote uninhabited (by humans) island located in the most southern pacific ocean region. During daylight, its habitat is within underground caverns but at sundown, they emerge above ground into the thick amazon-like thick rain forests. Very high intelligence and so far, has evaded recent human contacts. In the forest, its running speed for brief short distances is about 30-35 MPH. Due to its oversize lung capacity and massive musculature, we estimate even  faster speed in wide open field areas. No photographs obtained yet. This diagram drawing extrapolated from the distorted heat-tracking sensor images.

This unknown species appearing to have physical & genetic characteristics of a  Bull (Bos Taurus), Elephantine  (Elephantidae  Proboscidea), Wild Boar (Sus Scrofus species), Rhinoceros (Rhinocerotidae family), and a very massive dinosaurian-like tail.  Unlike its possible related cousins, Bulltherian appears to be an Omnivore (not herbivore). Its physical large size, would be a world record  discovery of this new species, making it the largest & most powerful land roaming creature life form on earth, since recorded history of modern man. Because  of no previous paleontological evidence, we have given it a new classified species ID name, to be known as Bulltherian Proboscedia

In past years, I have done and accumulated collection of some creature character designs but they ended up mostly as small rough thumbnails sketch-scribbles and not fully developed. Was looking through my archives and found this one from 1996, which was more thought out to some degree of completion, and I gave it the name of  Bulltherian Proboscedia.  It is not an ‘art-type illustration/rendering’, but instead, an Orthographic drawing representation, focusing on the outlines & outer dimensions of the creature, to serve as an accurate template guide for designing & building stop motion armatures and would also be used by the sculptor to block-in the anatomical forms in clay.

Even today in this 21st of movie-making, with the plethora of creatures & monsters whether practical puppet effects or Cgi used to create modern imaginary creature characters, IMO, I think The Bulltherian can probably KICK ASS confronting other creatures of moderate reasonable & more believable size :) . What is moderate-believable size? In my more mature years, when I want to be suspended in disbelief, IF creatures become excessively large or have ludicrous God-like super powers or strength, for me, it totally BREAKS the possibility of realism barrier and I cannot accept its existence. I apologize to all the fans of Godzilla, Smaug Dragon (The Hobbit), Transformers, Cloverfield, and even the HULK & other Avenger super hero. Come on people … creatures the size of fricken skyscrapers? WTF … a TALKING Smaug Dragon :o which was way too over-sized? The iconic modern dragon (by which others are measured by) that was more of reasonable believable physical size (IMO) was the classic Vermithrax Pejorative (Dragonslayer). That dragon was hella kick ass! Forgive me … but I digress :mrgreen:

Anyway, after the stop motion skeletal armature is constructed following the orthographic drawing/template, the sculptor directly applies clay to the armature and sculpts all the realistic details, textures, wrinkles, underlying muscles, etc in the actual clay, then later, sculpture goes through molding for replication into a finished puppet with flexible rubber outer skin.

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‘In Memoriam’ – 2014 Academy Awards

March 3, 2014

I have to admit, I have not watched the Oscars in many, many years. These days, I mostly do not go to the ‘theaters’ to watch the current crop of movies. I suppose it is my unconscious & indirect personal protest of today’s mainstream film products pumped out by corporate studios with their excessive production budgets. Where does the fricken millions & millions of the cash go!? Also, these award events from Tinsel Town at times becoming politically correct. IMO, the ‘Arts’ should be neutral.

I sometimes have alluded to in past posts/comments, that I do not care much for these current times, in general. As for the movie business, I do know it has always been a Business combined with Art offering an entertainment product, however, in the earlier days of mainstream films, for me and I am sure, for many of you also … ‘The Movies’ back then were somehow more special, more meaningful, and having much greater longevity (becoming classics) when compared to today’s, often derivative & formulaic movies.

Remember, I am speaking about ‘mainstream’ movies. I do see much more diversity and flavors of movies coming from Independent Film-making . You may not see them at theaters, however, here is where I applaud technology … it has made film-making much more affordable to artists, also, especially …. we can see those kind of niche movies through alternative distribution such video on demand, rental, satellite and you can enjoy them in the comfort of your residence on your large LCD flat-screen TV.

Again, I did not watch the Oscars this year, however I do sometimes catch a glimpse of the news after the awards, showing brief clips of the ceremony. Here is the In Memoriam segment, then actress/singer finishing it off with a song. At the 2 minute mark, for those of us that have interest in cinema special effects, you will immediately recognize. Also, other names not familiar to many of you, but were either behind the camera or in front of, who have made their contributions to the, more Golden Age of Movies ….

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