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Guillermo Del Toro endorses makers of ‘Revoltoso’

September 13, 2014

Revoltoso is a grass roots effort by a Latino group producing an indie stop motion animated short. They are attempting to get additional funding through Kickstarter. Their goal $44,000. and I believe, they have close to $40,000. however their Kickstarter DEADLINE date ENDS tomorrow, SEPTEMBER 14. As usual with Kickstarter, if one does not reach the financial goal, ALL donations are LOST. I have always DISLIKED & never approved of Kickstarter harsh crowd-funding model … but I digress.

For the Revoltoso indie project, what is rare in my opinion … a mainstream player in the movie biz, Guillermo Del Toro was quoted as supporting the efforts of this Latino filmmaking group.

Guillermo Del Toro talks about Revoltoso/Cinema Fantasa

As far as I know, you do NOT see much of this from Lucas, Speilberg, Cameron, and other cinema celebrity or industry influentials. The mainstream movie biz is a cash cow mega-gazillion dollar industry. Where do they GIVE BACK or at the very least, perhaps a ‘few words’ of support or endorsements to Indie filmmakers projects? So much independent work out there with poor man’s or micro-budgets, and as usual … it is a struggle for artists/creatives but they persevere with their passion.

REVOLTOSO at Kickstarter

LINKS(related): Stop Motion Short: ‘Veinte Años’ from Cuba‘Junk Head 1′ indie short from Japan

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‘Faceless Neil: Out of the Darkness’ (2014) – Indie animated short

September 12, 2014

Directed & animated by Noella Borie. I somewhat, sort-of, kind-of know Noella… indirectly … actually through another artist & animator, Ron Cole. On facebook Ron has occasionally & randomly posted sound-bytes about Noella’s progress on this project. Faceless Neil was a mystery to me as I was not sure what the final product would be. Well finally, ‘Faceless Neil: Out of the Darkness’ is finished and now available for public viewing at the online ‘Viewster Film Festival 3′.

Noella has goals to make this into a feature length movie. Hopefully and perhaps, some producers or backers will take note of this Film Fest entry. I think Faceless Neil is verrry polished & finessed and interesting story. Noella definitely has the talent & skills to oversee a feature animation project.

At Viewster online film festival, viewers can vote, however you must sign-up to log-in to Viewster so you can vote. IT IS ALL FREE. I know, you may think a hassle. If you have a back-up or alternate email, you can use that. I have not previously heard of Viewster. To my surprise, they have many indie films, shorts & full length features and it is ALL FREE to watch! Viewster seems to be like a Mini-Netflix.

How to Vote: As you are watching Faceless Neil, at the upper right corner of screen there is a brief seconds countdown. After the seconds are finished, you will see a LIKE button … click on that and that will count as your VOTE. You must vote/like before September 25. After the public voting, the Viewster Film Festival Jury of Experts decides on the final winners of the festival and the prizes.

Faceless Neil – Out of the Darkness’ (2014), Director: Noella Borie – at Viewster Film Festival website

P.S. Do not use Internet Explorer 9. It does not seem to work with Viewster website. You can use alternate Chrome or Firefox browser

If you are so inclined, below, CLICK on the the SHARE THIS green icon to notify others about Noella’s ‘Faceless Neil’ at Viewster and VOTE VOTE VOTE. Again, your vote/like must be submitted before September 25.

LINKS: Faceless Neil @ FacebookNoella Borie

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Some pros comments – Future of Practical Creature Effects

September 9, 2014

As I sometimes jokingly have ranted years ago during the beginnings of CGI effects … CGI WORLDWIDE TAKEOVER & DOMINATION! Appears to have become a reality now.

Refresher course … categories ….

Note: Most glossaries or definitions I have seen so far with regards to special effects categories, do NOT include stop motion creature character effects. Not whining about it, but just evidence that stop motion Harryhausen-style special effects, has usually been in the MINORITY STATUS in the commercial cinema market.

Practical Effects – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Practical_effect

Practical effects
Physical effects Prosthetic makeup Animatronics Puppetry Suitmation Miniature effect (Hanging miniature) Pyrotechnics Aerial rigging (Wire-flying) Squibs Matte painting Sugar glass Theatrical blood
In-camera effects
Tilted plane focus Forced perspective Schüfftan process Dolly zoom Lens flares Lighting effects Filtration Shutter effects Time-lapse Slow motion Fast motion Speed ramping Bipacks Slit-scan Reverse motion Front projection Rear projection Multiple exposure Infrared photography Bullet time
Visual effects
Computer-generated imagery Split screen Stop motion Go motion Chroma key Compositing (Digital compositing) Optical printing Introvision Smallgantics Match moving

Here is the Cinefex article/blog … The Future of Practical Creature Effects

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Quick Overview ‘The Boxtrolls’ Behind the Scenes

September 4, 2014

“In the glossy, computer-generated world of Frozen, Toy Story, and Shrek, stop-motion animation, where real-world hands manipulate real-world puppets frame by frame, might seem downright old-fashioned. Not in the hands of Laika ….”

How Laika is Revolutionizing Stop-Motion Animation with ‘The Boxtrolls’

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‘The Boxtrolls’ opening 9.26.14 (usa)

August 18, 2014

Have not had much interest from the mainstream tent pole genre films releases, for the consumption by the general public/audiences. IF I do decide to watch any of them, it is not at the theaters but instead, I wait until they are available for rental or down-streaming.

I see only one, that is an all puppet stop motion feature ‘The Boxtrolls’ from Laika studio in Oregon, USA. Of course since Stop Motion works, is ‘Stop Motion’ centric :) , I would be remiss if I did not do a post about ‘The Boxtrolls’. Laika Studio is not exactly typical mainstream tinsel town and I would consider more ‘Independent’ and not part of corporate Hollywood-esque.

Here is one of the trailers ….

Below are a few links that may be of interest if you like behind the scenes & making-of:

From JoBlo site Three Part series, Boxtrolls set visit … PART 1PART 2PART 3


From Animation Magazine, lots of photos … Behind the Scenes with Boxtrolls


From Cartoon Brew … How Laika Pushed 3D Printing to New Heights with ‘The Boxtrolls’

Mini-rant :) – All this hype about 3D printing, I still have some mixed feelings. If you read above article, the numbers of printed faces are reaching hyper-mega numbers to over 52,000 printed face parts?? I LIKE stop motion ‘replacement’ animation techniques. It is NOT a new method … GEORGE PAL did this in the 1940’s where the puppet parts where ‘hand-made’. Today for the very minority few of studios that do high-end stop motion and if they have the budget …. using 3d printing methodology is essentially first doing ALL the facial animation IN THE COMPUTER, then they are printed-out as individual plastic face parts. So essentially, the creation of the facial animation is based in the CGI technique.


The Boxtrolls website

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