Make-up Special Effects & Stop Motion share many common fabrication methods and especially the use of Foam Rubber Latex materials. There are different methods to fill the mold ..... one is .... by painting each mold half with foam latex, then spooning in extra foam and closing the halves to squeeze out the excess. Another method to fill-up the mold is by injecting the foam using a very large syringe tool aka Foam Latex Injector Gun. Both methods work and both require practice and trial and error.

For the benefit of the Stop Motion Animation community, this is an article
written by special makeup effects artist & supplier David Schlatter,
posted at the Make-up Artists Board,

This information is presented "as is" for your own personal use.


One ... 3 inch inside diameter x 6 foot drain pipe. 6 foot is the shortest length I have found
Two ... 3 inch end caps
Two ... 2 inch flat washers
One...1/2 x 2 inch bolt and nut
One... 3 inch DU-BRO low bounce model airplane tire
One ... 1/2 inch plastic water pipe comes in 6 foot lengths
One ...1/2 inch plastic threaded male coupling
One ... 1/2 inch plastic threaded female coupling
One each ..... of CPVC Cleaner and CPVC Cement
One ... 24 inches X 1/2 inch plastic sprinkler system pipe
One ...1/2 inch threaded plastic sprinkler system coupler
One...1/2 inch threaded plastic sprinkler system Tee


Preparation and assembly:

Cut a 24 inch long section of 3 inch drain pipe, use sand paper to sand the ends down until the end caps fit snug but not so tight that it is difficult to remove them.

Take one of the end caps and drill a hole large enough to get a very snug fit ofthe 1/2 inch water pipe then cut a piece of the water pipe 3/4 inch in length and test fit the end cap and male coupling. The base of the coupling should touch the end cap and the water pipe should be flush with the inside of the end cap. If everything fits the glue them together and set aside.

Cut a piece of water pipe 8 inches long and glue it to the plastic threaded female coupling when the glue is set, thread this to the end cap with the male coupling. This is the nozzle; you can make the nozzle any length you want. I found that 4 inch and up to 8 inches are most useful.

Remove the plastic wheel from the model airplane tire. Take the Nut and the 1/2inch threaded plastic sprinkler system coupler you want the nut to fit half way down the coupler you might need to use a dremel to remove some of the plastic to get the nut to fit. Once you get the nut to fit inside the coupler, glue it in place and thread the other end to the 24 inch X 1/2 inch plastic sprinkler system pipe and set aside.

Take the remaining end cap and drill a hole large enough for the 1/2 inch plastic sprinkler system pipe to slide through without binding. Run the pipe through the end cap and put the Tee on the pipe to form a handle. the glue should be set on the nut by now so you can take the bolt place 1 of the flat washers on it then the tire and another washer now thread the bolt-tire combination to the end of the plastic sprinkler pipe. Congratulations you now have a plunger for your injection gun.

All the glue should be set so fit the plunger in the drain pipe, you can adjust the plungers fit by tightening or loosen the bolt. Now fit the nozzle on theother end and you have a completed injection gun for $25.00 ('04 prices). This is a front loading gun so take off the nozzle to fill it.

You can replace the drain and water pipe with clear plastic plexiglass type tubing but the cost will go up if you do.

If you use the Johnson and Johnson past wax thinned with alcohol as a releasefor foam latex you can use the left over Stearic Acid that comes with the latex kits to prop up you injection gun for a photo like I did.

Good luck! David Schlatter
© 2004 David Schlatter

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