Make-up Special Effects & Stop Motion share many common fabrication methods and especially the use of Foam Rubber Latex materials. There are different methods to fill the mold ..... one is .... by 
brushing-painting each mold half with foam latex, then spooning in extra foam and finally closing the mold pieces together to squeeze out the excess foam. Another method to fill-up the mold is by injecting the foam into the mold using a very large syringe tool aka Foam Latex Injector Gun. Both methods work and both require practice and trial and error so that you can consistently fill mold without getting air pockets or bubbles.

For the benefit of the Stop Motion Animation community, this is an article
written by 
the very knowledgeable special makeup effects artist & supplier, David Schlatter,
at the Make-up Artists Board,

This information is presented "as is" for your own personal use.



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